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October 2014 Tried & true—the easy-to-use, high-strength bonding agent that protects and desensitizes! BRUSH&BOND ® 4-META DENTIN/ENAMEL COMPOSITE BONDING SYSTEM t#POETEJSFDUBOEJOEJSFDUDPNQPTJUFSFTUPSBUJPOTUPBMMUPPUITVSGBDFT t1FSNBOFOUMZTFBMTUIFUVCVMFTUPQSFWFOUTFOTJUJWJUZ t1SPUFDUTUIFQVMQBHBJOTUNJDSPMFBLBHFBOECBDUFSJBMJOWBTJPO t$SFBUFTBOBDJEBOEXFBSSFTJTUBOUTIJFMEGPSUIFUPPUI t%PVCMFTUIFTVSGBDFIBSEOFTTPGUIFQSFQBSBUJPO t$VSFTXJUIBMMDVSSFOUMZBWBJMBCMFDVSJOHMJHIUT t-PXmMNUIJDLOFTTTPJUXPOUBGGFDUDSPXOmU Reduce your chairside time and simplify that growing collection of adhesives in your operatory with Parkell's remarkably effi cient self-etch bonding system, Brush&Bond®. It works with all light-, self- and dual-cure resins—something not every self-etch bonding material can lay claim to. You can use it to bond direct and indirect restorations to all tooth surfaces, seal crown preps, assist with core build-ups, and act as a relief agent for patients with dentin hypersensitivity. In the three steps it takes to apply Brush&Bond, you've created a durable, bonded, tripolymer shield that protects the tooth like bionic enamel and also: t3FOEFSTUIFUPPUIBDJESFTJTUBOU t1FSNBOFOUMZTFBMTUVCVMFTUPQSFWFOU post-op sensitivity. t(VBSETQVMQBHBJOTUIBSNGVMQBUIPHFOT that penetrate leaky margins. t*ODSFBTFTUIFIBSEOFTTPGUIFEFOUJOBM surface up to 10 times more than dentin coated with conventional bonding agents! The fi lm thickness of some self-etch adhesives can measure as much as 50 microns thick. An application of Brush&Bond creates a fi lm just 5 microns thick, so it has no adverse effects on fi nal crown fi t at all! LITTLE BRUSHES. BIG DEAL! Our Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brushes open up a whole new realm of possibilities for our popular Brush&Bond ® Bonding System. They feature tinier bristles and a longer, narrower activator brush head than our Standard Activator Brushes. This unique design allows the brushes to get deep into post holes, pedo preps and tiny enamel pits with utmost ease. Each Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brush is specially treated with a chemical activator to enhance Brush&Bond's self-etching chemistry and assure complete bonding to all resin cements. Plus, they're conveniently disposable. The Standard Brush&Bond Activator Brush (A) with its larger, rounder head can't reach the end of the canal. The Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brush (B) with its long narrow head can easily access even the narrowest canal—all the way to the very bottom. (A) (B) (Enlarged to show detail.) t * De t ail s o n p . 4 t 4 5 - D A Y R IS K - F R E E T R I A L 45 Brush&Bond ® Self-Etching Dentin/Enamel Composite Bonding System ........................ $120.95 Contains Brush&Bond liquid (3ml) plus 100 Activator Brushes. Kit with Standard Activator Brushes (S284) Kit with Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brushes (S288) Brush&Bond ® Dentin/Enamel Bonding Liquid, 3ml bottle (S285) .................$69.50 Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brushes (S287) .... $57.95 Contains 100 Brushes. Brush&Bond ® Standard Activator Brushes (S286) .............................. $57.95 Contains 100 Brushes. WATCH ONLINE:Watch as Dr. Jordan Freed demonstrates desensitizing tooth surfaces by applying Brush&Bond ® or Pain-Free™ F. Go to the 'Knowledge Base' on and click on 'Videos'. Three easy steps. That's all it takes! STEP 1. Apply a drop of B&B liquid to dentin and cut enamel with specially activated microbrush. B&B's microbrushes contain a unique activating agent on the bristles that enhance the adhesive's "bondability". STEP 2. Allow B&B to sit on surface for 20 seconds, and then gently blow with air for 10 seconds. B&B contains 4-META, a hydrophilic penetration-promoting monomer. During these few seconds, it's helping B&B get deep into prepared enamel and dentin surfaces. STEP 3. Cure with any curing light for 10 seconds. B&B can be cured with light between 350nm and 510nm. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Brush&Bond ® Kit with Standard Activator Brushes (S284) *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. Express shipping will not be reimbursed. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2014 Parkell, Inc. 1BSLFMM5PEBZt0DUPCFS Order online at or call us at 1-800-243-7446 | Questions or comments? E-mail us at | 1 — Solutions for the Problem-Solving Dental Professional Since 1948 — 300 Executive Dr., Edgewood, NY 11717 1-800-243-7446 Visit us at the ADA in San Antonio, TX! Booth #4633

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