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GINGIVAL HEMOSTATIC RETRACTION PASTE I N T R O D U C I N G New! Unit Dose Capsules For even more convenient dispensing and to promote asepsis. t4UPQTHJOHJWBMCMFFEJOHBOETFFQBHFUIBUNBZJOUFSGFSF XJUIJNQSFTTJPOUBLJOH t'BTUBDUJOH t-JHIUHSFFODPMPSNBLFTUIFNBUFSJBMFBTZUPEFUFDU t'SBDUJPOPGUIFDPTUPGPUIFSSFUSBDUJPONBUFSJBMT t(SFBUGPSUJTTVFNBOBHFNFOUXIFOTFBUJOHSFTUPSBUJPOT QMBDJOHSVCCFSEBNDMBNQT DPOUSPMMJOHCMFFEJOH CMFBDIJOHUFFUI UPNBOBHFNPJTUVSF BOESFTUPSJOH TVCHJOHJWBMDBWJUJFT CREATE A DRY WORKING ENVIRONMENT EVERY TIME! Dryz™ is terrific for use alone or in conjunction with retraction cord or compression caps. Dryz is fast-acting in stopping gingival bleeding and seepage from crevicular fluid that may interfere with impression taking. The light green color of Dryz contrasts nicely with gingiva, blood and tooth structure, making it easy to detect where the material has been placed. Dryz is quickly removed with an air/water syringe and leaves no residue to interfere with impressions or seating of restorations. USING DRYZ IS A BREEZE! Prior to taking your impression, rinse and dry the prep. Isolate the area and simply syringe Dryz into the sulcus directly from the syringe (we don't make you purchase a special dispensing gun to extrude the material). Dryz will create a nice space between the gingival tissue and tooth surfaces while controlling any bleeding with its aluminum chloride content. Dryz is also great for tissue management when you're seating permanent crowns or bridges, placing rubber dam clamps, bleaching teeth and restoring subgingival cavities. It controls seepage that may contaminate a sensitive, restorative material, allowing you to do optimal restorative dentistry. Dr. Harry Long, DMD Syringe Dryz™ into the gingival sulcus, making sure to fully contact all of the soft tissue. Rinse Dryz using copious amounts of water to reveal a clean, retracted gingival sulcus and margin of the prepared tooth. New Unit Dose Kit includes 30 unit dose capsules (0.24 g/capsule). Fits most Centrix ® dispensers (required & not included). A RETRACTION PASTE THAT WORKS WITH YOUR IMPRESSION TECHNIQUE AND YOUR WALLET! While the Dryz Value Pack offers the most savings, the standard kit also offers great savings compared to other retraction pastes on the market: PRODUCT PRICE/GM TRIAL PERIOD DRYZ™ $8.73/GM 45 DAYS * Expasyl® $18.00/GM 0 Traxodent® $18.12/GM 0 t * De t ail s o n p . 4 t 4 5 - D A Y R IS K - FR E E T R I A L 45 NEW! Dryz ™ Unit Dose Capsules (S183) ............................ $68.00 Includes 30 unit dose capsules (0.24 g/capsule). Fits most Centrix ® dispensers (required & not included). Dryz ™ Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste (S180) ............ $52.00 Includes 7 syringes and 15 applicator tips. Dryz ™ Value Pack (S182) ...................................................... $160.00 Includes 25 syringes and 55 applicator tips! Save almost a dollar per syringe with the Value Pack! Dryz™ Luer Lock Applicator Tips, 40 pieces (S181) .... $26.00 Use code 3201 when you order a kit of the new unit dose capsules and you'll get 10% off! Offer ends 2/28/15. 6 6 Discount valid only on merchandise purchases made directly through Parkell. Discount code can be used up to three times. Cannot be combined with any other offers or any quantity discount amount greater than this offer. Offer expires 11:59 p.m., EST on February 28th, 2015. Watch online! Go to and click on the 'Videos' link in our 'Knowledge Base' for a video demonstration on using Dryz. *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. Express shipping will not be reimbursed. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2015 Parkell, Inc. 1BSLFMM5PEBZt'FCSVBSZ Order online at or call us at 1-800-243-7446 | Questions or comments? E-mail us at | 1 Parkell, Inc. 300 Executive Dr., Edgewood, NY 11717 tJOGP!QBSLFMMDPN Solutions for the Problem-Solving Dental Professional Since 1948. | READONLINE! February 2015

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