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January 2015 I N T R O D U C I N G HIGH-STR ENGTH COR E COMPOSITE If you've used Absolute Dentin™, you've been creating durable cores with impressive physical properties (72 Barcol Hardness, 172MPa Flexural Strength, and 325MPa Compressive Strength). You've experienced how AD stacks beautifully, cuts like dentin and works great with Brush&Bond ® . Now imagine all of those attributes and more in new Absolute Dentin™ Plus! New Absolute Dentin Plus features Nano technology giving it a slightly lower viscosity than original AD. It's even easier to syringe the material into a small diameter canal when cementing a post. Don't be mistaken, though. Absolute Dentin Plus still stacks, still cuts like dentin and still works great with Brush&Bond. DURABILITY Absolute Dentin Plus exhibits an impressive 85 Barcol Hardness and a Flexural Strength of 175 MPa. CONVENIENT AND SAVES TIME! Along with a lower viscosity, NEW Absolute Dentin Plus is made without BPA or BPA precursors for those concerned with materials containing Bisphenol A. It's dual-cure so you can hit it with a light on all sides for a 5mm depth of cure and it will continue to completely self cure in 5 minutes to achieve an infi nite depth of cure! The 5ml syringe makes for easy hand-dispensing (eliminating the need for a dispensing gun). We've even provided two types of intraoral tips along with the static mixers for easy access to even the toughest areas of the oral cavity. OPTIONS Absolute Dentin Plus is radiopaque (200% of Aluminum) and comes in two shades: Absolute White and Tooth Shade A2/B2. If certain circumstances call for a more viscous material, we encourage you to stick with original Absolute Dentin. However, keep both versions on hand in your offi ce. You may fi nd that they're both terrifi c for a variety of cases. Try them today and you can judge for yourself! Fig. 1: Pre-op photo of tooth #7 showing failing composite fi llings. Figs. 2 & 3: Facial and lingual views after removal of composite fi llings and decay. Tooth prepared for a crown. Fig. 4: Brush&Bond ® applied as the bonding agent. Fig. 5: Absolute Dentin™ PLUS (Absolute White shade) applied. Fig. 6: Final prepped tooth. Fig. 7: Final ceramic crown cemented in place with Brush&Bond and SEcure ® resin cement. Dr. Gregg A. Helvey, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. Fig. 1 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 2 Fig. 7 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 NEW! Absolute Dentin™ Plus ......................$41.50/kit Kit consists of one 5ml dual-chamber syringe, 8 mixing tips and 8 intraoral tips (4 root canal & 4 white). Shades: Absolute White (S330), Tooth Shade A2/B2 (S331). Mixing Tips for Absolute Dentin PLUS, brown base, 30 each. (S334) ............................$24.75 Intraoral Root Canal Tips, 50 each. (S335) .......$27.00 Intraoral White Tips, 50 each. (S329) ...............$27.00 t * De t a il s o n p . 4 t 4 5 - D A Y R IS K - F R E E T R I A L 45 p a g e 2 5 M I X I N G T I P A L E R T I love using Absolute Dentin ™ for my cores. However, Absolute Dentin™ PLUS' lower viscosity allows the material to fl ow and adapt better in small areas on the tooth. It's also perfect for fl owing into tight post holes when a post is required." — Gregg A. Helvey, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. t/P#1"VTFEJONBOVGBDUVSJOH t$VUTMJLFEFOUJO t-PXWJTDPTJUZ t3BEJPQBRVFPG"MVNJOVN t"WBJMBCMFJOUXPTIBEFT"CTPMVUF8IJUFBOE5PPUI4IBEF"# t"VUPNJY t%VBMDVSF t/PEJTQFOTJOHHVOOFFEFE *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. Express shipping will not be reimbursed. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2015 Parkell, Inc. 1BSLFMM5PEBZt+BOVBSZ Order online at or call us at 1-800-243-7446 | Questions or comments? E-mail us at | 1 Parkell, Inc. 300 Executive Dr., Edgewood, NY 11717 tJOGP!QBSLFMMDPN Solutions for the Problem-Solving Dental Professional Since 1948. | READONLINE!

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