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April 2014 *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. Express shipping will not be reimbursed. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2014 Parkell, Inc. 1BSLFMM5PEBZt"QSJM Order online at or call us at 1-800-243-7446 | Questions or comments? E-mail us at | 1 6ROXWLRQVIRUWKH3UREOHP6ROYLQJ'HQWDO3URIHVVLRQDO6LQFHZZZSDUNHOOFRP Precision bite registration is only the beginning! Blu-Mousse ® & Green-Mousse ® : t&YDFQUJPOBMBDDVSBDZ t1MBTUFSMJLFIBSEOFTT EVSPNFUFS#MV.PVTTFPOMZ t%FQFOEBCMFOPTMVNQDPOTJTUFODZ t$IPJDFPGTFUUJOHTQFFET t'SPNDPOWFOUJPOBMCJUFSFHJTUSBUJPO UFDIOJRVFTUPNPEFSOEBZEJHJUBM JNQSFTTJPOT#MV.PVTTFEPFTJUBMM t"MTPBWBJMBCMFJOQFQQFSNJOUTDFOU #MV.PVTTFPOMZ t(SFFO.PVTTFJTTQFDJBMMZNPEJmFEGPS HSFBUFSnFYJCJMJUZ EVSPNFUFS Just when you thought the uses for Parkell's award-winning Blu-Mousse ® were maxed out, there is one more to add to its credit—Blu-Mousse is 4$"//"#-& For over twenty years, Blu-Mousse has been a favorite VPS material in dental offi ces world-wide. Originally intended as a bite registration material, Blu-Mousse has evolved into a VPS with a "can-do" attitude. It's amazing the number of clinical applications this little dynamo truly has. For example, it's an ideal material for use as a matrix when fabricating both direct and indirect provision- als. Blu-Mousse, when used with our low-viscosity die silicone Mach-2 ® , has seen incredible success with the Laminar Flow/Closed Mouth impression technique. Furthermore, it functions as a fantastic rigid tray material for tray-free impressions or sta- bilizing plastic quadrant trays when partnered with low-viscosity VPS materials like Parkell's Cinch™ Light or our premium VPS, SHARP™ Wash. Blu-Mousse sets to a super-stiff hardness register- ing an 85 durometer. You can even use it to create a base on a Mach-2 die model in under 6 minutes! What else can Blu-Mousse do? Well, it turns out that we can add scannability to Blu-Mousse's achievements. Use it as a tooth- positioning index on a C-Stat Camera Stabilizer (CEREC ® D). Create a scannable occlusal index for CEREC ® and E4D systems that is incredibly accurate down to the most minute detail. Of course, we're proud to say that Blu-Mousse remains one of the most accurate, most stable bite registration materials in dentistry. And even though the versatility of Blu-Mousse seems limitless, it is still the light, fl uffy VPS material we created it to be. With its whipped cream texture, it offers no resistance when a patient bites down, so it won't trigger any refl exes that would affect the integrity of your bite registration. Green-Mousse is Scannable too! Trying to get an accurate scan on a prep for a CEREC crown, but you can't gain good access to the tooth with your camera? Use Green-Mousse ® ! When you use Blu- Mousse's slightly less rigid sibling (Green Mousse registers a 60-durometer) as a tray material with a scannable wash material, CAD/CAM software users will get an impression that will easily and accurately scan. It is a great alternative impression system that can be used in areas of the mouth that may be too diffi cult to capture an accurate intra-oral scan. Green Mousse's added fl exibility allows for easier removal of registrations or impressions in patients with extensive undercuts or periodontal issues. INTRODUCING p.5 New! )*()453&/(5)$03&$0.104*5& New video tutorial! Watch as Dr. Jordan Freed demonstrates taking an accurate bite registration using Blu-Mousse ® . (PUPUIF,OPXMFEHF#BTFPOQBSLFMMDPNBOE DMJDLPOUIFAWJEFPTMJOL Blu-Mousse ® .............................. $35.75 "WBJMBCMFJODBSUSJEHFTPSUVCFT TFFDIBSUCFMPX $BSUSJEHFQBDLBHFDPOUBJOT NM BVUPNJYDBS USJEHFT NMUUM QMVTNJYJOHUJQT5VCFQBDLBHF JODMVEFTCBTFDBUBMZTU UVCFFBDINMUUM Scent-Free Classic 2-minute set SuperFast 30-Second set $BSUSJEHFT 44 44 5VCFT 4 Peppermint Scented Classic 2-minute set SuperFast 30-Second set $BSUSJEHFT 44 44 Green-Mousse ® Automix Split Cartridge 2-minute set 44 ...............................QLH $BSUSJEHFQBDLBHFDPOUBJOT NM BVUPNJY DBSUSJEHFT NMUUM QMVTNJYJOHUJQT P A R K E L L SMARTSAVE 0SEFSPSNPSFCPYFTPG #MV.PVTTFPS(SFFO.PVTTF for just $34.70CPY 0SEFSPSNPSFCPYFT GPSPOMZ$32.60CPY *NQSFTTJPO.BUFSJBMT "DDFTTPSJFT #JUF3FHJTUSBUJPO Blu-Mousse ® Figure 1:#MV.PVTTF ® CJUFUBLFOJOUSBPSBMMZQSJPSUPQSFQBSBUJPOFigure 2: 5IF#MV.PVTTF CJUFJTQMBDFEPOBTDBOOBCMF ™ 714NPEFMFigure 3: 5IF#MV.PVTTFBOETDBOOBCMFNPEFMBSFTDBOOFEVTJOHUIF$&3&$ ® TZTUFNTPGUXBSFQSJPSUPNJMMJOH $MJOJDBMQIPUPTDPVSUFTZPG(SFHH")FMWFZ%%4."(% Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 The gold standard is Blu. p a g e 1 6 M I X I N G T I P A L E R T See page 2 t#JUF3FHJTUSBUJPOT t.BUSJDFT t.PEFM#BTFT t#JUF1MBUFT t"OEOPX$"% 4DBOOJOH $BQBCJMJUJFT

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