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APRIL 2014 BMW OWNERS NEWS The World's Premier Protection REPEAT PERFORMANCE T E CH N O L O GY Pre Formed Pro Super Lite Flat Formed NITREX EVO ® - Patented This technology offers protection evenly across its surface. Other protectors performance will vary and be inconsistent. You never know where the impact will strike! REPEAT PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY The specialized materials used offer Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) allowing multiple impacts with no loss of protective performance. Many protectors can withstand only one impact and must be discarded after a fall. MULTI-DENSITY By using a combination of specialized high- tech energy absorbing materials, the protectors are less bulky with a low profi le while still offering unrivalled protection. 877.789.4940 NeT Upgrade Armour Shoulder $44 Knee & Arm $49 Replacement Pads for Suits & Jackets Replacement Pads for Suits & Jackets Replacement Pads for Suits, Jackets & Pants Roots Innersoles $24 Upgrade Armour $39 Back Inserts Pro $79 Super Lite $49 FLEXIBILITY AND 3D MOULDING A combination of Nitrex Evo ® and multi layer construction results in a system that offers both lightweight and flexible protectors. With a unique 3-Dimensional molding characteristic the armour becomes part of the body for all day comfort with no restriction. BREATHABILITY The unique triangular Nitrex Evo ® outer grid has been designed to allow maximum air flow and breathability while also reducing the weight and thickness. All Forcefi eld Body Armour is fully CE approved. Hip Knee Arm Shoulder april 2014 BMW OWNERS NEWS • KING OF THE ROAD • WINE BOTTLES • DANCING WITH CURVES • ADVENTURE • THUOSAND ISLAND TOUR WINE BOTTLES n DANCING WITH CURVES n ADVENTURE n THOUSAND ISLAND TOUR KING OF THE ROAD

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