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JULY 2014 BMW OWNERS NEWS SECOND TO NONE RACING BOOT RACING BOOT Toll Free 877.789.4940 | ALL NEW FOR 2014 $495 Innovative Internal Bracing System Micrometric Tecno-3 Magnetic Closures Adjustable Calf System Zipper Free t e c h n o l o g y n o l o g y n o l o g y n o l o g y Highly adjustable, magnetic quick connection closure. No zippers are used in the construction of the boot and it's closures. The internal support system is made of carbon fi ber beams, which make up the frame of the boot. This system allows excellent fl ex movement, front-to-back while being fi rm side-to-side. Asymmetrical Shock Absorbing Heel Cup Vented Toe Slider JULY 2014 BMW OWNERS NEWS • A SERIAL RESTORATION • CEDAR CITY • FAST LANE • WAYPOINTS • SAND • JUICY LUCY • MOTION CEDAR CITY n FAST LANE n WAYPOINTS n SAND n JUICY LUCY n MOTION A SERIAL RESTORATION

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