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March 25, 2015

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Vol. 24, No. 12 March 25, 2015 www.oakwoodregister.com Wrights face challenge in 'first in flight' controversy The legacy of Oakwood's most famous resident — as well as the Wright brothers' place in history — is under attack, and the Wright family is fighting back, taking their dispute to the statehouse Tuesday where lawmakers are considering legislation to challenge a formal Connecticut claim that Gustave Whitehead flew a powered air- plane two years before the famed Dayton duo. While rival claims have long lingered in the debate over who was first in flight — ranging from Russia's insistence that Alexander Fyodorovich Mozhayskiy, a naval officer, made the first power- assisted, heavier-than-air flight in a 75-foot monoplane in 1884, to France's contention that Félix du Temple de la Croix, anoth- er navy man, flew a single-wing aeroplane as early as 1874, as well as similar claims by an early aviation enthusiast from New Zealand — Whitehead's chal- lenge to the Wright legacy is the only one with legal standing in the United States, at least according to Connecticut legislation signed by the state's governor that declares that the Bridgeport, Ct., resident was the first to fly a powered aircraft. Based on an old newspa- per article, as well as Whitehead's own statements, Connecticut leg- islators contend that Whitehead made the world's first flight in 1901, some two years prior to the Wright brothers taking to the skies at Kittyhawk. The Whitehead claim also has attracted the atten- tion of the editors of Jane's All the World's Aircraft, a recognized Photo by Emma Flanagan Annie, portrayed by Hannah Moulton (center in green), rehearses her 'hard-knock life,' joined by 'orphans, from left to right, Lily McClosky, Lauren Jacomet, Grace Spitzmiller, and Rachel Thielen, as the sixth-grade cast puts the finishing touches on their performance of Annie Kids!, due to debut tonight at Harman Elementary. Show times are 6:30 and 8 p.m. Tickets are free, but required to attend. Seating opens 30 minutes prior to each performance. Water rates in Oakwood rank among lowest in the region Oakwood residents pay the third lowest water rates out of 66 Miami Valley communities polled, accord- ing to the city's recently completed 2015 Regional Water and Sewer Rate Survey. Based on a use of 3,000 cubic feet of water over a three-month period, Oakwood resi- dents pay $60.57. The average price for the 66 jurisdictions surveyed is $113.21. Oakwood residents pay the 33rd lowest out of 63 jurisdictions sur- veyed for sanitary sewer service, with city residents paying about the average rate for the region. Oakwood owns and operates its own water system, which includes eight water produc- tion wells, three water treatment plants and one water tower. The system provides for all of Oakwood's water needs and is operated in compliance with all EPA requirements. Oakwood also owns and operates its own sanitary sewer collection system, but contracts with both the city of Dayton and Montgomery County for wastewater treatment. About 75 percent of the sanitary sewer charges paid by resi- dents are attributed to costs passed along to Oakwood for wastewater treatment. "Considering the water and sewer rates together, this 2015 rate survey clearly shows that Oakwood resi- dents pay significantly less than most other Miami Valley residents," said City Manager Norbert Klopsch. "We operate very efficient water and sewer utilities for our residents and businesses." It's a Hardknock Life! See Wrights on page 4 u

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