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www.AAHF.info – News You Can Use GAMUT, Issue 44, Mar/Apr 2014 FROM THE EDITOR "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." Confucius In many parts of the United States we are (I am for sure) certainly happy to see spring has arrived and this winter is behind us. The weather has been most unusual to say the least. Why? Who really, truly knows the answer? So, not to linger on thoughts about the causes for the weather, let's move on into this issue of the Gamut and address questions that we can answer… what, whom, how, why and when: Good news in respect to eating disorders? What? Exercise following cancer surgery and/or treatment? For whom? Incorporate isometrics into the training programs for older adults? How? A trainer needs a web site? Why? Surgery and muscle strengthening? When? Please read on and discover the answers. Be knowledgeable! Be successful! Pete Pete Bazzel Editor‐in‐Chief 800.957.7348 Pete@AAHF.info www.AAHF.info If you find an article in Health and Wellness Across the Gamut of Life! that you feel would be bene‐ ficial to a friend, family mem‐ ber or co‐worker, all you have to do is forward this link, www.AAHF.info, to that person through email. We welcome your feedback about the contents of this journal and encourage you to submit topics that are of interest to: Pete@aahf.info We are committed to our mission of providing educa‐ tion and training for health, fitness, physical education and recreation professionals across the GAMUT of life! Have a question? Want more information on a specific topic? Ask the Experts Subscribe to the FREE eJournal

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