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www.AAHF.info – News You Can Use GAMUT, Issue 48, Nov/Dec 2014 FROM THE EDITOR "Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes." Peter F. Drucker (1909‐2005) American writer and management consultant. The Holiday Season has rapidly approached! May all enjoy this very special time of year! It is a time of food and festivities. Did I say food… yes, lots of food and weight gain! So then why can some eat sooooo much and not gain weight? Is it a fast metabolism? Hmmmm, not so fast, according to the first of three nutrition articles included in this month's Gamut. And, for those who are so bold as to take on the goal of reducing fat while gaining muscle particularly during these Holidays, are there better and best ways of accomplishing these. Certainly yes, as addressed in the second nutrition article. Lastly, in the third nutrition article, tips for successfully negotiating the feasts and temptations are presented. This is also the time of year that personal trainers may think is the least advantageous for improving business. However, the reverse may well be the case, depending on the trainer. In this issue read about the Holiday marketing mistakes that too frequently happen and thus to avoid. Start 2015 now! Happy Holidays! Be knowledgeable! Be successful! Pete Pete Bazzel Editor‐in‐Chief 800.957.7348 Pete@AAHF.info www.AAHF.info If you find an article in Health and Wellness Across the Gamut of Life! that you feel would be beneficial to a friend, family member or co‐worker, all you have to do is forward this link, www.AAHF.info, to that person through email. We welcome your feedback about the contents of this journal and encourage you to submit topics that are of interest to: Pete@aahf.info We are committed to our mission of providing education and training for health, fitness, physical education and recreation professionals across the GAMUT of life! Have a question? Want more information on a specific topic? Ask the Experts Subscribe to the FREE eJournal

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