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www.AAHF.info – News You Can Use GAMUT, Issue 51, June/July 2015 FROM THE EDITOR "I am not young enough to know everything." Oscar Wilde (1854‐1900) Irish poet and dramatist We don't know what we don't know. How frequently has this matter of fact statement been repeated? Often! With a second breath, how frequently have you or a client failed to adhere to a training program and/or a diet? Often! The "often" connection may well be that ignorance begets failure. Let's then address the challenge adherence presents and how adherence is best achieved… that is by knowing oneself. We all are all an experiment of one. Specifically, in this issue of the Gamut, we address the individual cautions (potential side effects and interactions) associated with the regular use of medications by older adults; carbohydrates consumption, though not inherently fattening, for some sure can be fatting; musculoskeletal and movement assessments being either motivating or discouraging; and, enhancing exercise compliance. Be knowledgeable! Be successful! Pete Pete Bazzel Editor‐in‐Chief 800.957.7348 Pete@AAHF.info www.AAHF.info If you find an article in Health and Wellness Across the Gamut of Life! that you feel would be beneficial to a friend, family member or co‐worker, all you have to do is forward this link, www.AAHF.info, to that person through email. We welcome your feedback about the contents of this journal and encourage you to submit topics that are of interest to: Pete@aahf.info We are committed to our mission of providing education and training for health, fitness, physical education and recreation professionals across the GAMUT of life! Have a question? Want more information on a specific topic? Ask the Experts Subscribe to the FREE eJournal

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