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www.AAHF.info – News You Can Use GAMUT, Issue 50, Mar/Apr 2015 FROM THE EDITOR "The improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others." John Locke (1632‐1704) English philosopher Becoming that exceptional personal trainer starts with that deep down desire to help others help themselves, utilizing professional expertise to teach clients safe and effective physical training. The highly successful personal trainer comes to realize the validity of this "helping" desire through life experiences and introspection. Are you this type of person? The winning trainer possesses the requisite knowledge and understanding that results in appropriate training guidance and coaching for each and every client. Is the quest for knowledge a burning desire of yours? Furthermore, in turn, the trainer must understand and empathize with all clients. Do you readily grasp client perspectives and feel what they are feeling? A yes to all of these questions is an affirmation that you have what is required to excel as a personal trainer… far beyond the ordinary. With the preceding in mind, you will find this month's articles to be of particular relevance traveling the route of the professional personal trainer. I urge you to read and reflect upon their content. Be knowledgeable! Be successful! Pete Pete Bazzel Editor‐in‐Chief 800.957.7348 Pete@AAHF.info www.AAHF.info If you find an article in Health and Wellness Across the Gamut of Life! that you feel would be beneficial to a friend, family member or co‐worker, all you have to do is forward this link, www.AAHF.info , to that person through email. We welcome your feedback about the contents of this journal and encourage you to submit topics that are of interest to: Pete@aahf.info We are committed to our mission of providing education and training for health, fitness, physical education and recreation professionals across the GAMUT of life! Have a question? Want more information on a specific topic? Ask the Experts Subscribe to the FREE eJournal

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