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Area Auto Racing News (AARN) covers weekly North East and National auto racing events. Award-winning reporters and columnists bring readers close to the action along with exclusive photos. AARN reaches drivers, mechanics, team owners, fans, promoter

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PERIODICALS-DATED NEWS PERIODICALS-DATED NEWS Founded In 1963 by Leonard J. Sammons Jr. Publisher & Editor - Lenny H. Sammons PRINTED & MAILED ON TUESDAY PERIODICALS-DATED NEWS EXPEDITE MAIL DELIVERY Vol. LII, No. 41 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014 $ 3 MASTERING THE MOODY MILE at Syracuse (left, Photo by Alex & Helen Bruce) was Stewart Friesen! He celebrated in victory lane on Sunday afternoon with Ms. Motorsports 2014 Cassi Pinder after winning the Super DIRT Week Big- Block Modified 200 for the third time; Friesen was on the throttle (top, Bruce Photo) as he charged his No. 44 toward the eventual triumph. Here, he leads Erick Rudolph (No. 7z), Ryan Godown (No. 747) and Peter Britten (No. 21A) onto the straightaway; The fabled USAC Silver Crown Series (above, Bruce Photo) returned to Super DIRT Week for the first time in some 10 years. Kody Swanson (No. 63) went on to take his first Syracuse victory after passing Bobby East (No. 10). F F r r i i e e s s e e n n E E a a r r n n s s T T h h i i r r d d S S y y r r a a c c u u s s e e 2 2 0 0 0 0 V V i i c c t t o o r r y y

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