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Genesee District Leaders, Others Meet to Safeguard Oral Health in Flint by Jay A. Werschky, DD Oral Manifestations Caused by Stress by Albina Babakhanov, RDA, A.S. Development and Evaluation of an Effective Brain-Based Oral Hygiene Curriculum for Impoverished Elementary Students by Monica Satake, CDA, EFDA, M.H.E. Streptococcus Mutans and Tooth Decay by Kaley Johnson, CDA 6 Tips to Improve Facebook Engagement with Dentists: Study of Over 600 Dental Companies' Facebook Strategies by Rachel Mele Accurately Articulating Triple tray models without Articulator by Jeril R. Cooper III, DMD; Nancy B. Young DMD; Anthony Mollica, DMD Go Help A Mission Project In Belize, Central America by Dr. Frank Whipps, DDS MAY/JUNE 2016

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