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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • November/December 2015 17 Please note, the OSHA pictograms DO NOT replace the required U.S. Department of Transportation diamond-shaped labels. For those who need to create labels, the pictograms are pro- vided in various digital formats and are free to use. You can find them by going to our website,, and clicking on OSHA, then Hazcom Worker Training. Training Your Employees Training is also a requirement under HCS. Employers must train on: • All elements of the label(s). • How the labels might be used in the workplace. For exam- ple, using Precautionary Statements to explain how to prop- erly store the chemical. • Safety data sheets. • How the label is related to the SDSs. Employers must also train in a language and manner that their employees understand. For example, training should take place in the language of the workers, while employees with a limited vocabulary should have the training altered to fit their vocabulary limitations. Employers are also encouraged to use the OSHA QuickCards and, if possible, provide them to all employees. The cards pro- vide a quick reference to components of the labels, the SDS and pictograms. You can find the downloadable Quickcards at by clicking on OSHA, then Hazcom Worker Training. So there you have it: hazard communication in a nutshell. There are more parts to the Hazard Communication Standard than can be covered in this article. A fact sheet issued by OSHA provides more information and links to information you may need. You can find this document on our website, at the OSHA link. It's important to remember that the HCS is a "right to know" law. As such, it provides the framework to ensure employees receive the information and training needed to stay safe on the job. Take the time to get up to speed on hazard communica- tions. You'll be doing yourself and your workers a favor. APC Peter Lawton is the senior principle trainer and founder of LeadSMART Training Solutions, Inc., which offers a variety of live (New England area) and online certification, licensing, and con- tinuing education training courses for contractors, in areas such as lead paint, OSHA regulations, hazardous materials and business skills. He can be reached at

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