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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • September 2015 17 to quickly eliminate a couple of boxes of other filler types we had been stockpil- ing. Fillers are one of those product types for which, if you don't have ONE you use exclusively, you will probably end up with a dozen or more. This creates the problem of too many on the shelf, with limited shelf life. Yes, I am sure you have opened tubs that sat for too long. Seeing purple mold in a white filler is just not a pleasant experience. What to Expect From This Filler First, for some reason, the square tubs that Patch Plus comes in are easier to keep clean during usage than the traditional round filler tubs. I am not sure why this is, or maybe we are just becoming more dili- gent about not cleaning the putty knife off on the rim of the tub. But, the packaging gets a thumbs-up for being different in a good way. The seal of the lid maintains its integrity after many uses, which is nice. Another phenomenon common to many prep products — caulks and fillers, in particular — is that they are like corn chowder in the sense that they are not at their best on first usage. They get better as leftovers. By that, I mean (and this is true of 3M Patch Plus) that many caulks and fillers are too moist when first opened and become better the further you go into the batch over time. I am sure that manufacturers ramp up the moisture content in filler com- pounds to make them easier to use and more accessible to the masses. The downside in every case in my experience is that when a prep product is too moist out of the tube or tub, there is much greater risk of shrinkage after it is spread and has dried. It doesn't matter if a prod- uct is easy to spread if I have to spread it twice instead of once. All this to say, Patch Plus is formulated (in my opinion) to be prudently moist on first opening, and then it mellows to just the right consistency by day two. I know I said above that the lid seals really well, so you may be wondering how it can change overnight. As with partial cans of paint, it is the volume of air inside the sealed con- tainer that replaces the product you have used, changing the dynamic of what is left in the vessel. Anyway, Patch Plus mellows to just the right workable consistency, where we have seen others (in round vessels) completely dry and chunk out overnight when half full. Very important quality in a filling compound. From the Field

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