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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • March 2015 15 sides of the same large house. Both decks were initially pressure washed to remove grime buildup, mildew and loose materials. Then the decks were scuff-sanded with 80 grit sandpaper. Because Duckback is formulated to be used on existing surfaces (as opposed to new or specifically raw surfaces), it was not necessary to do full chemical or mechanical stripping on a large scale. There were a few boards that required it, but the majority of the decking retained its base layer of existing finish. The finish was clearly "older school" penetrating semisolid oil stain, the type that gets applied for so many years that it starts to pretty much look solid. APPLICATION Because Duckback is intended to be applied heavily for surface filling purpos- es, we were able to apply it very quickly. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that applying paint heavily is actually faster than applying it moderately. This is one of the great ironies of painting, and it is very much a double-edged sword. Less experi- enced painters and do-it-yourselfers often apply paints and stains too heavily by accident. When the product is not intend- ed for heavy application, this is a bad thing. When a product is built for heavy application, it's great. We expected this product to be perhaps a bit "draggy" because of the high solid content but for it to be slick enough to lay out by brush on pretty rough decking with lots of surface imperfection. It was easy to achieve a 16 mm wet thickness by laying the prod- uct out and just letting it level into the surface. The film thickness capability is significantly beyond what one would expect to achieve with a conventional stain. THE GOOD NEWS Because this is a waterborne acrylic- based product, dry times are quick and cleanup is a breeze. The turnaround is a bit remarkable. At heavily applied millage, the product dries to touch between one and two hours. We found it to be dry enough to step on within three to four The deck gets sanded before applying Duckback. The finished deck weathered four seasons with very little wear.

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