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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • September 2015 15 Speaking With PDCA PDCA Associate Supplier of the Year CertaPro Painters Industry Supplier Award Top 5 Influencer—American Paint Contractor magazine Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Technology and USA Today Quality Cup Award Semi- Finalist American Institute of Architects Color Marketing Group Paint and Decorating Contractors Association Steel Structures Painting Council What do you do in the painting industry? My role is to develop programs that educate and moti- vate professional painters and homeowners to have suc- cessful paint jobs. At the Paint Quality Institute, we pro- vide technical and inspirational materials that showcase why it's critical to use quality materials (i.e., tools, paints, etc.) both inside and out. In addition, looking toward the future, we continually investigate and test new substrates and paint technologies. Lastly, we are a resource for the media when they have painting questions or are preparing paint articles. Any challenges you faced/face as a woman working in the profession? When I began my career with Rohm and Haas (later acquired by Dow Chemical Company), I was working as a researcher on light industrial coatings. At the time, there were not many women working at the "laboratory bench." I remember in my 50-person lab, there were maybe four or five females. I must say I never experienced any challenges from my peers or leaders. We all worked together as a team, and that has continued through my 35 years! Today, I'm delighted by the increasing number of women who have decided on a STEM (science, technolo- gy, engineering, mathematics) career. I hope the numbers continue to grow. Any advice or suggestions you have for other females in the profession? My advice for others (both male and female) is to con- stantly learn from those around you and not to hesitate to offer suggestions and ideas for business, process or technol- ogy improvement. To this day, I enjoy learning from newer folks who come into our business—they bring experiences or subject knowledge that benefit our programs. To main- tain a fresh perspective, I also recommend taking local uni- versity courses in a subject area of interest, either work- or nonwork-related.. Finally, as I'm sure most people know, it is critical to manage, appropriately, one's online resume (i.e., social media sites). APC

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