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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • November/December 2015 13 Frog Tape is a good example in this cat- egory, with a special Paint Block polymer that is said to react with latex paint and create an enhanced protective barrier, while still providing an easy and clean release. ScotchBlue also has a qualified entry in the delicate category: #2080 with Edge Lock protection. Both of these brands recommend that their tapes be applied to freshly painted surfaces within 24 hours of painting. This is the key guideline to follow. I've known too many painters who rolled the walls in the morning, then turned right around to tape those walls off and paint the trim next. Even if there is a tape out there that can do that, I still call it an unnecessary and risky move. So, product selection in the tape catego- ry really comes down to identifying how and why you use tape, trying out tapes that are engineered for those purposes, and using them responsibly. FLOOR PROTECTION Circling back to drop cloths, one of the better drops we have used lately is from Trimaco. This is a company that appears to be serious about helping you prepare for the worst so you end up with the best result. If I am throwing down a 9x12, I want it to be heavy and to stay put. More importantly, in the event of catastrophe— the homeowner's dog comes running through and kicks my roller tray across the room—nothing will go through it. The Trimaco Eliminator is a butyl drop heavy enough to stay where you place it, but also flexible enough to drape over objects when necessary. Most importantly, it's leak-proof. Things do spill on jobs. Everything from coffee to paint thinner can spill, and I have even seen loaded 18- inch roller covers pop off their frames and land on the floor. Clean, heavy-duty drops are cheap insurance. We have also found a nice floor protec- tion supplement from Trimaco called X- Board. If you find yourself using many 3- foot rolls of construction-grade rosin paper, this is a definite upgrade. It is a heavier grade of paper that actually repels liquid. Traditional rosin papers would get wet (from foot traffic or products) and begin to deteriorate and get messy. The last thing you want is for your clean protection to become the mess you have to clean up and dispose of. We have used X-Board on many different types of jobs, and in most cases we could pull up the tape and roll it back up for reuse on another task. BOTTOM LINE ON PROTECTION When everything is protected, painters can focus solely on the task they are per- forming, with less concern for paint landing where it shouldn't. That's not to say that work can become careless; it's more like carefree, and the result is effi- ciency, which we all know connects directly to profits on the job. APC Scott Burt is president of Topcoat Finishes Inc. of Jericho, Vermont. He enjoys commu- nicating with contractors and manufacturers at From the Field

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