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November 2012

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14. Does the Office of the State Fire Marshal have authority over all projects in the state or only over state-owned or state-financed projects? 15. Are there any local jurisdictions that you know of in your state that have residential ordinances for the following occupancies? Single-family, Multi-family, High-rise condo/apartment? Please list. 16. Please provide a telephone number that a person can call if he/she has questions about jurisdiction in your state (i.e. State vs. Local Authorities) regarding fire sprinkler plan review/inspection. 17. Does your state require certification of Plan Reviewers? Inspectors? 18. Does your state require licensing for: Fire Sprinkler Contractors? Fire Sprinkler Fitters? Fire Sprinkler Designers? 19. Does your state require licensing for sprinkler drawings: P.E./Architect Seal? NICET Level III? NICET Level IV? 20. Does your state require any of the following for those who perform inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems? Province Province Code Adoption NICET Level II? NICET Level III? No Requirement? 21. Does your state require seismic protection on fire sprinkler systems? The tables on pages 18 through 23 provide the answers to most of the survey ques- tions. The table on page 24 provides licensing and certification information (questions 17-19). The tables on page 25 provide the telephone numbers requested in questions 12 and 16 and the answers to questions 20 and 21. Survey Findings Regarding pending sprinkler legislation (question 9), Virginia has legislation pending for retrofits for R-2 unsprinklered high-rises. North Dakota and West Virginia have legislation pending for dwellings that is less restrictive, and does not allow fire sprinklers. In Kansas, more restrictive legislation is pending for health care facilities and nursing homes. Question 10 concerns the 2009 Interna- tional Residential Code (IRC). Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming are adopting the IRC with the residential sprinkler requirement removed. Arkansas and Oregon indicated Additional NFPA Standards that they are adopting the IRC, but did not indicate if the states are leaving the residential sprinkler requirement intact, modifiying it or deleting it. Hawaii is adopting the code with the residential sprinkler requirement "modified," but did not indicate the changes. In Maryland, the State Building Code has adopted the 2012 IRC but prior to October 1, 2012 local jurisdictions had the option to delete the residential requirement. After that date, jurisdic- tions that adopt the IRC must leave the sprinkler requirements in the local adopted codes. Massachusetts adopted the IRC with sprinklers required in 14,400 ft2 greater. North Carolina modified the adopted code to only require sprinklers in townhouses. In Ohio, there are construc- tion trade-offs for the adopted IRC. South Carolina did not adopt for statewide use per South Carolina Code of Laws §6-9-55; the IRC was adopted only for state buildings by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and Office of State Engineer. or the In California, the IRC 2012 edition has been proposed with modifications for NFPA 13 Edition Adopted Local Jurisdiction Can Use Latest NFPA 13 Ed. Alberta, Canada* British Columbia, Canada Manitoba, Canada* New Brunswick, Canada* Newfoundland, Canada* Nova Scotia, Canada* Ontario, Canada* Prince Edward Island, Canada* Quebec, Canada* Saskatchewan, Canada 2006 Alberta Building Code (amended 2005 NBCC) 2006 BC Building Code (amended 2005 NBCC), NFCC 2010 NBCC 2005 NBCC 2010 NBCC & NFPA 101 2010 NBCC 2006 Ontario Building Code (amended 2005 NBCC) 2003 NFPA 1 & 101 (will allow NBCC) 2008 Quebec Construction Code (amended 2005 NBCC) 2010 NBCC NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 - NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 NFPA 13D, 13R, 14, 20 2002 1999 2007 2007 Latest 2007 2007 2002 1999 1999 Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes, w/AHJ approval Yes, w/AHJ approval - Minimum Base or a Min/Max for Enforcement Minimum Min/Max Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum BOCA/National-Building Official and Code Administrators International; IBC-International Building Code; IFC-International Fire Code; IRC-International Resi- dential Code; LSC-Life Safety Code; NBC-National Building Code of Canada; NEC-National Electric Code; NFPA 5000-Building Construction & Safety Code 18 Sprinkler Age | November 2012

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