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October 2012

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TOP JOB Profile be wrapped, not to mention 11 windows with custom hand-carved stone inserts presenting 74 reveals. The stairs had no baseboard, so the Bokstroms would have to have finished cuts around the entire stair treads and risers. On the lowest floor they were lucky enough to have to cut the shape of the stairs not only on the base but at the ceiling. During the preparation for the job, the Both batches of fabric came with some serious flaws. The installation required that they work around the flawed pieces. " " A polycarbonate strip allowed for clean cuts with no fraying. Bokstroms noticed that the builders used beveled edges on the stairs. They immedi- ately requested that they be floated out square. A custom-built platform was used to access the upper sections of the stair- well. The walls were primed with Roman- 977 to cover stain overspray from the win- dow frames. The designer ordered the 105 yards of material needed to complete the job. Eight months later, with material in hand, they were ready to start on the job. Unfortunately, it didn't take long to real- ize that in many places the material was flawed with wrinkles from the lamination process or stains. It was reviewed from yard one to 105 and measured and marked at the flaws. Once the review was finished, they realized that they could not finish the job with what they had. There was a 12-week delay waiting for more material. This was the most difficult job we have hung to date, but it was one that honed our skills and confidence, and we are very proud to have accomplished it. They used the time wisely though. Knowing that seams of the material would show and that the reveals would cause additional joins at the corners of the windows, they did a test hang and pre- sented it to the client. Approved. Finally, the second batch arrived, and to everyone's amazement, the flaws were even worse. The client was heartbroken AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • October 2012 45

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