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ISTOCK PHOTO © YAIZA FERNANDEZ GARCIA NICKEL, VOL. 27, NO. 1, AUGUST 2012 The Magazine Devoted to Nickel and its Applications Nickel Magazine is published by The Nickel Institute Dr. Kevin Bradley, President Stephanie Dunn, Editor Constructive Communications, Design The Nickel Institute can be contacted at: Eighth Floor Avenue des Arts 13-14 Brussels 1210, Belgium Tel. 32 2 290 3200 Material has been prepared for the general information of the reader and should not be used or relied upon for specific applications without first securing competent advice. While the material is believed to be technically correct, Nickel Institute, its members, staff and consultants do not represent or warrant its suitability for any general or specific use and assume no liability or responsibility of any kind in connection with the information herein. ISSN 0829-8351 Printed on recycled paper in Canada. Cover: Photo Composition: Constructive Communications iStock Photos: © james steidl, © Selimaksan, © Oneclearvision, © Xidong Luo. Bombardier Movia Metro © 2011, Bombardier Inc. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT A DEADLINE It has been 20 years since the first Rio de Janeiro Sustainability Summit, which in June 2012 returned to the city of its origin. As is normal for such meetings it received mixed reviews of its decisions and commitments on its major themes of employment, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters. For more on its objectives, see The reality is that the struggle for sufficient food, non-polluting energy, safe and reli- able transportation and other measures of a quality of life that is both improving and sustainable doesn't have a beginning or an end. It does, however, have its moments when sustainable choices are made that deliver on one or more of the themes of Rio+20 and in every issue of Nickel there are stories of such choices. TABLE OF CONTENTS In Focus Editorial .............................. . 3 Feature Stories Rail Cars in India.................... . 4, 5 Energy Diversification in China ... .10, 11 Food Production................. .12, 13 In Science Bio-Elution Testing .............. .14, 15 Nickel and Innovation Nickel Lattice....................... .6, 7 In Use Coatings on Aircraft ................ .8, 9 Sprouts ............................. .16 UNS Details ......................... . 14 Web Links........................... . 15 In this issue, the article "Waste Not" shows how nickel-containing stainless steels are bringing appropriate technology closer to farmers, co-operatives, and small-holders (single-family subsistence farms) in developing countries. Alarmingly, an average of 150 kilos of food per person per year is lost or spoiled in the early stages of production in such regions. Anything that reduces that loss will naturally reduce hunger, improve returns for farmers, and ease pressure on the land…and stainless steels are helping. In India, nickel-containing stainless steels have long been used in railcars, and the country's ongoing economic expansion is resulting in the manufacture of many more for use on commuter lines in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. The article "Stainless Express" shows how the quality of life in India's large and growing urban centres can be achieved economically and with reduced environmental impact. On page 10 you will read how nickel-containing stainless steels are helping the expan- sion and diversification of China's energy sources. The focus isn't just on coal anymore: solar power and bio-fuels join hydro, nuclear and other sources, and in all of them you will find nickel making it work as China continues its extraordinary journey. Rio+20 has come and gone but nickel will continue to play a crucial role in supporting sustainable development every day. There is more, of course, and continuing our attention to the 100 anniversary of stain- less steel, see the opposite page for the first of a series of articles that will provide much more information on the evolution of that essential group of alloys. And lastly, why not subscribe to Nickel? Electronic copy or printed copy, it will be our pleasure to add you to our distribution list. Simply go to: and subscribe. Stephanie Dunn Editor, Nickel Magazine nickel, vol. 27, no. 1, August 2012 NICKEL IN FOCUS 3

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