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WORLD'S CLINICAL LABORATORY NEWS LEADER ISSN 1068-1760 Vol.29 No.4 • 6-7/2012 VISIT DAILYCLINICALLAB NEWS Blood Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer Obstetrical Screening for Toxoplasmosis Scientists Call for blood test has been made available for the early detec- tion of lung cancer, addressing the need for a widely useable early detection protocol for asympto- matic patients. The test detects a panel of protein biomarkers in the blood that are associated with early lung cancer and will be initially Cont'd on page 10 A new blood test de- tects the presence of strain-specific antibodies to pinpoint Toxoplasma gondii strains that chil- dren acquire from their acutely-infected mothers while in the womb. A See article on page 8 VISIT LINKXPRESSCOM READER SER VICE PORT AL ® Renew/Start your Free Subscription Access Interactive Digital Magazine Instant Online 1 2 3 Product Information: Identify LinkXpress® interest as you read magazine Mark code(s) of interest on LinkXpress® is not renewed every 12 months your Free Subscription may be automatically discontinued If your subscription Click on to reach reader service portal inquiry matrix codes of High-Throughput PLEX-IDSystem Introduced in Europe he rapid, high-throughput PLEX-ID instrument, along with three assays for use on the system, has obtained Conformité Européene (CE) marking for the European Economic Area. T Cont'd on page 6 Oral Cancer Detection Improved with Saliva Test simple saliva test has been cre- ated which could identify the presence of biomarkers that are associated with oral cancer. The easy, cost-effective saliva test to detect oral cancer would be a breakthrough that would drastically improve screening and result in A Cont'd on page 10 Novel miRNA Assay Assesses Pancreatic Masses miRNA test aids physicians in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic ductal adenocarcino- ma (PDAC) when cytology is incon- clusive. A The test analyzes the expression levels of small, regulatory fine nee- dle aspirate (FNA) molecules known Cont'd on page 12 International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine GLOBETECH MEDIA >>> <<< Scan with Smartphone to Access Latest News Image: Colored transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of Toxoplasma gondii protozoan ide variability in the use of transfusions in the United States indicates that in many set- tings patients are receiving un- necessary transfusions. W in mortality, ability to walk inde- pendently, or length of hospital stay between patients on a liberal Evidence shows no difference Fresh Guidelines Issued for Red Blood Cell Transfusion The AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks, Bethesda, MD, USA;, has recent- ly updated its guidelines for a red blood cell transfusion strategy for transfusion strategy or a restric- tive strategy of red blood cell transfusions. Cont'd on page 6 Simple Test Predicts Sickle Cell Severity simple blood test has been devised that can predict whether sickle cell patients are at high risk for painful complications of the disease. A The device measures how well blood samples flow through a microfluidic device, which could help doctors monitor sickle cell Cont'd on page 8 Optical Technique Offers Rapid Malaria Diagnosis promising new optical imag- ing system may make the diagnosis of malaria much easier, faster, and more accurate. The new system uses speckle imaging, an optical sensing tech- nique that measures the differ- ences in how laser light bounces off the membranes of healthy and A INSIDE Cont'd on page 12 Clinical News . . . . . . . 2-56 IFCC News . . . . . . . . . . . 57 EFLM Corner . . . . . . . . . 62 Product News . . . . . 26-50 Technical Literature 54, 56 Industry News . . . . . . . . 67 International Calendar . 68 PUBLISHED IN COOPERATION WITH Image: Courtesy of HistoRx / Genoptix

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