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moarally 2012 2012 Rally Awards and Tallies By Chuck Manley, Rally Chair Awards are designated as Club Awards and Individual Awards. Eligibility for awards requires Rally attendance for mem- bers listed for chartered clubs and individuals. There are three chartered club awards and several individual awards. For all awards, the individual or club representative must come to the Awards and Tallies booth located in the MO-AG build- ing to sign up. Awards and Tallies will stop accepting individual and club documents at 1 p.m. Saturday. First place win- ners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony in the Mathewson Exhibition Center starting at 6 p.m. Club Awards Clubs interested in applying for one of the three club awards need to provide an official copy of their roster with all members in attendance marked. It is the respon- sibility of the members of the club to find and mark off known members in attendance. The Awards and Tallies team will not hold rosters for the clubs. The three Club Awards for 2012 are: • Largest Chartered Club • Largest Virtual or Special Interest Chartered Club • Club with Largest Percentage of Members at the Rally your hometown's city center to the Rally location in a straight line. You must have proof of your hometown (driver's license or vehicle registration). There are two touring awards that take into account the extra effort Awards for 2012 • Long Distance Male Solo Rider • Long Distance Female Solo Rider • Long Distance International Rider • Long Distance Sidecar Rider • Long Distance Two-Up • Oldest BMW Motorcycle Ridden to the Rally • Oldest BMW Motorcycle at the Rally • Oldest One-Owner BMW Motorcycle BMW Ridden to the Rally • Oldest Male Rider • Oldest Female Rider • Oldest Passenger • Youngest Non-Licensed Passenger • Youngest Male Rider • Youngest Female Rider • BMW MOA North American Tour Award • BMW MOA International Tour Award 116 BMWOWNERS NEWS July 2012 eligible for an award, another document to prove their age, such as a library card, school ID, health insurance card, passport, birth certifi- cate, etc., that has their birth date and name. Awards such as combina- tion awards (age of riders plus age of bike), or oldest bike ridden or brought by trailer, you'll need to bring your motorcycle registration form as well. Distance awards (in miles) are calculated using GPS software from Individual Awards The key to any individual award is providing proof of your eligibility by either a driver's license or vehicle registration. Age awards require a driver's license or, if you have a child who is • Oldest Combined Ages of BMW Motorcycle, Rider and Passenger form for each award, as no one is automatically signed up for any award. The only way to receive an award is for the rider to go to the Awards and Tallies booth near the Country Store in the MO-AG building and sign up. Here are the age and distance awards for the Howlin' at the Moon Rally. of accumulating miles to get from your home to Sedalia, Mo., starting Jan. 1, 2012, without going home until arrival in Sedalia. The North American Tour and International Tour awards are based upon rider's distance mileage. These are the only two awards that GPS software is not used to calculate distance. For the touring awards you must pro- vide proof of route taken. A GPS that tracks distances will be accepted with receipts proving key points. Journals are acceptable, but must also be backed up with a reading of the odometer along with receipts for key points. The key to these two awards is proving your trip and route. The main difference between these two awards is that the North American Tour award only counts distances in Canada and the U.S. The International Tour award may count distances in Mexico and any other country including the U.S. and Canada. Riders may be eligible for more than one award. You must fill out a

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