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74 \ tradition manager. I love my fun job as a 'sample lady' at the Costco store in Auburn Hills (if you shop there look me up). I would like to connect with my 'partners in crime' from the dorm, Barb Jones Connor '74, susAN ALvErsoN and Judy NEFF dEyouNgHE, if anyone knows what they are up to!" In January, MAry sEvErs sPEIsEr retired after working at Lansing Community College for 20 years. "Here's a visual for you – have you seen the Geico commercial with the little pink pig going down the zipline, kicking its little feet and saying 'whee!'? That's me. I realized that this is the first time since I was a teenager that I've had plenty of time to think my thoughts and hang around with friends. Adult life is SO serious. And I am SO ready to play – I hardly know where to start!" sHoWEy writes: "After a quick look through the catechism at a Madrigal concert at Christ Church, I came back to the Episcopal way of worship; I am active at St Mary's in the Hills Church in Orion. Also getting back to beginnings, this fall I gave a clothing and textiles lecture to an historical society. With a few local awards/ successes under my belt, I am putting together an art portfolio and accepting projects as they come my way. Try offshoring that, Corporate America! I march in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as help repair those huge paper Mache heads. Thanks to still living near Cranbrook and having attended college with krIsTINA sCHWENsEN, I had the privilege of saying a few words about her at an annual Alumni Memorial Service." LAurA MCLANE FoX and her two daughters live in Shaker Heights, OH, with numerous pets. We are so sorry to hear she lost her husband in 2010. She is a geriatric nurse practitioner for Evercare, which is part of United Health Group, and enjoys gardening, jogging, playing with her kids and travel. Like many others, MErA JETToN koHLEr is trying to adjust to the empty nest. Both her daughters are at Colgate: Tess, a freshman; Hallie, a junior majoring in Studio Art, who spent last semester studying abroad in Florence. The family spent Christmas vacation touring Florence, Nurnberg and Prague. "I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Traverse City these past 18 years, volunteering at school and our figure skating club. My family has a cottage on Torch Lake, always near and dear to my heart. It's good that LAurA MCvEy BurkE lives nearby." In a "mid-lift shift with kids all gone," LIdIA Boyduy dEvoNsHIrE bought a vineyard in British Columbia that may double as a ski lodge. "Mostly Pinot Blanc vines from Germany, that are older than my kids, and a small cottage on the Naramata Bench overlooking Lake Okanagan, about an hour north of Washington state border. Will let you know if I ever produce a wine, right now just selling grapes to winery next door. Come visit!" BAT-sHEvA NIvy LErNEr writes from Israel that she is doing well and still loves living there. She will try and return for our 40th. LAurIE ProCk MorgAN promises to be home for the 40th! She and husband, Dana, are about six months into a three to five year assign ment in Shanghai, China. "G'day" from MArNIE oLIvEr LIPA: "I guess not everyone realizes that I call Australia home. Bob, my two daughters, Elizabeth, 25, and Katherine, 22, and I moved in 1994 for what was to be a two to six year assign ment. We have taken out citizenship and are true CanAussies! About 10 years ago the girls' school asked me to manage their uniform shop. It has been a great job; not the career I thought I would have but then, life is a bit like that! My mum and brother, Scott Oliver '77, live in San Antonio, so I try and get back once a year. I am doing my best to make sure I make the reunion, would love to see everyone and shed a few happy tears!" Artist CATHErINE "CooP" CooPEr kAsMEr resides in Montana. She has dabbled in a variety of media ever since she can remember. In addition to making jewelry, she has designed and sold needlepoint canvasses and quilts. She was also a professional custom painter, specializing in faux finishes. In her former life she was a classroom teacher and occasionally feels compelled to tutor a few students on the side. dr. MArgArET WIddIFIELd IZuTsu "lives in Austin, TX, without spouse for the time being, while I wrap up a pilot project adapting Japanese memorial customs for use in the States. My husband is a custom picture framer in Lexington, MA. Our grown son runs a cafe and deli in New Hampshire where the presidential hopefuls often stump: Ellie's Cafe & Deli in New London, NH. These days, I am at work on a book entitled Making the World Safe for Sorrow: How Japanese Ritual Can Change Our Approach to Grief. I am also polishing a new, interactive Web site: makes it possible to create groups to memorialize a loved one on an ongoing basis and use a calendar of sensibly-paced occasions to recalibrate socially and emotionally according to Japanese custom." Identifying herself as a "Proud Aardvark," sArArH BEAr-uP NEAL resides with husband, Rod, and two large dogs on 38.6 acres located about eight miles east of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. "We are grateful to have been able to make a life here for the last 23 years. I'm also grateful for the wonderful work I'm able to do, employed (year-'round) by a local yarn shop for almost a decade. My summers are also spent working as docent and publicist for Lake Street Studios, a complex of galleries and art activities in Glen Arbor. My own studio art practice continues at a steady, persistent pace. I have two exhibitions of quilts and small construc tions coming up this spring and summer and my quilt, 'Circular above, Members of the class of K'73 with the plaque the class donated to the new Girls Middle school.

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