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ABOUT ALUMNI / 31 C1934 The other day I had a chat with my only other classmate, JIM TALMAN. We shared memories of the past and how fortunate we were to be able to attend Cranbrook. The country was in a deep depression, and the world was in turmoil. Our experience at Cranbrook was invaluable, which we appreciate more each year. Jim and I agreed we will hopefully make our 80th reunion in 2014. We are both in reasonably good health which we contribute to being active. Jim works out on a stationary bike and will play tennis again when the weather permits. He is improving his balance by using a trampoline. My work-out schedule is 30 minutes on a stationary bike, and I recently added an indoor rower. We both have our independence but are carefully monitored by our family members. Aim High. It will serve you well. Class Secretary, John Clement K1934 I am sorry to inform you that class secretary, ELIZABETH WALLACE MCLEAN, passed away in Hilton Head Island, SC, on January 16, 2012, after a brief illness, and just shy of her 95th birthday. I quote her obituary here: "Liz was born in 1917 in Detroit, MI, to Harold Lindsay Wallace and Grace Booth Wallace, their first child and the first grandchild of George Gough and Ellen Scripps Booth, founders of the Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills, MI. She began school with a tutor in the Cranbrook House Oak Room, she then became one of the first seven students at Brookside School, where she studied until tenth grade. Tradition has it that Kingswood School Cranbrook was built for Liz because Ellen Booth insisted there had to be a school for her, and she went there from 1932 until 1934, a member of its third graduating class. She attended Bennington College, then the Garland School of Homemaking. Fixed up on a blind date with James A. Morton, Jr., a Beta Theta Pi at Williams College, she married him on December 19, 1938, in Christ Church Cranbrook. After living in Madison, WI, they moved back to Birmingham, MI, in 1946 and raised their six children. Jim Morton died in September of 1959. Fixed up on another blind date with widower John P. McLean, Jr., she married him in October of 1961, and added his two sons to the brood. Liz and John had a wonderful long marriage until his death on December 26, 2009 in Hilton Head, where they had lived since 1978. Liz loved to garden, was an Honorary Life Member of the Cranbrook House and Gardens Auxiliary, and had a green thumb that could grow an 18 foot lemon tree from seed. She enjoyed cooking, knitting, photography, poetry and watercolor painting. She was a member of Sigma Gamma Association, which supports the Detroit Institute for Children, and was a sustaining member of the Junior League of Birmingham. Preceding her in death were her siblings Catherine and Ellen Wallace, Shirley Sarver and Richard Booth Wallace, as well as one son, Cary Dean Morton. She is survived by stepsons, Kenneth and Jeffrey McLean, and five children; James, Thomas, Jeffrey, Lora and Christopher Morton. Twelve grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren will also miss her. There will be a private memorial at Christ Church Cranbrook in June. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Liz's name to Hospice Care of the Lowcountry, PO Box 3827, Bluffton, SC, 29910." Class Notes Editor, Margi Brown K1938 Congratulations to the class of 1938! We still have two husbands among us. Not many 90-plus-year-olds can say that! BETTy LEvy LANgEr and I had a tough time trying to talk on the phone as neither one of us hears well. Finally Bob came and filled me in on what is going on in their lives. Betty had a 90th birthday, and they celebrated with a party of 20 or so friends. Betty was pleased that her niece was able to be with them. This is the niece who is senior vice president of PBS. Travel and golf are out of the picture now, but they are living in their apartment which they love. Bob said they thought it was time to look for a retirement community and thought they would do that this year. JEANNIE L'HoMMEdIEu TAyLor and her nice husband, Dekle, are getting along in their retirement community. Jeannie is no longer rushing about but dealing bravely with the indignities and confinements of aging. Dekle was in and out of the hospital this year and is feeling well again. Yeah! I talked to BETTy russELL sTuLLkEN. She is living in her own home and sounds contented. Her children visit often, and she has four great-grands. No real changes in her life but she is well. BArBArA CurTIs JoNEs sounds better than ever, full of energy, loving her bridge, and on her 90th birthday she bought herself a new car. I understand she is now driving around looking for a handsome man who needs a ride. Hopefully she will find two of them and give me a call. PATTy HAWLEy MCLAugHLIN lives in Islamorada, FL. If you do not know where that is, it is between Key Largo and Marathon in the Florida Keys. For those of you who tell me you do not use a computer, I know that because I went to my computer and looked it up, and now I know more than I ever thought I would about Islamorada. Patty has some physical issues that keep her from doing much walking, but she is faring well. She says she often reads a book a day. JuNE dAIsLEy LoCkHArT can report that life is still good. I have two lovely little great-granddaughters who live in Hong-Kong, but I watch them grow up on the Internet, as my granddaughter, Daisley, sends me photos weekly. I am blessed that I have skills I can share and wonderful talented people to share them with. Some of the people who came to the pottery studio with no previous clay experience are now doing fantastic work. I love to go every day and see what will happen. Class Secretary, June Daisley Lockhart 3501 Harbor Court • Ft Myers, FL C1941 As we change with age, Class of '41 changes in numbers, at Commencement in June of '41 we numbered 69 graduates. Today our lucky number is 14. My first contact was with JIM CLArk, still in Florida. His brother, Bob passed away last April, after the accidental fall of his wife, Catherine. She is no longer mobile, so Jim is the chief cook and bottle washer, busy all day, every day. Being retired can bring surprises. BILL HEFNEr's wife, Jan, passed away very recently. Like Bob Clark, she has been in and out of the hospital for the past year. Jan's maiden name was Pease, wonderful girl, very popular as a Kappa at Michigan, and a good friend of my wife, Nancy, who was also a Kappa at U-M. The "Heff" is in fine shape, except for his eyes. He occasionally has trouble reading the newspaper. Bill still sees MILLIs PEET occasionally. Nice combination. I caught ALLAN gILBErT (missed him in 2011), full of opinions and lots of energy. We chatted a bit about our years, until Allan quoted his brother-in-law, "Old age is not for sissies." Allan regrets he is not as active in clubs and local organizations, but he does support the DNA. Allan, years ago was bitten by the political bug. dAvE MoTT and wife, Helen, are in Florida (winter, you know). They are well and in good spirits. Helen does have a pacemaker, but it is working well, and doing the job. Dave is playing "Pickleball," goofy name, but lots of fun for us oldies. They are not traveling this year. Dave is trying to unwind some hard to sell real estate. He admits poor timing. Come summer they will come north again. Nice to have a choice! FrEd ErB and Barbara are residing at The Willits in downtown Birmingham. We all have some health concerns, and they are no exception, particularly Fred, who has Alzheimer's. They enjoy a close relationship above, John Clement '34 exercising on his indoor rower Class notes / 1930s -1940s

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