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Postal Customer ECRWSS WICHITA, KS PERMIT NO 441 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID Free Pub1lication 115 S. Kansas, Haven, Kansas 67543-0485 storm brewing which may be too late to stop. The western ar- eas of the country, es- pecially the national parks, forests, and m o n u - m e n t s , as well as all that sur- r o u n d s them, are p o i s e d for a fire that will surpas s anything seen before. The rea- sons are varied, but the remedies are be- ing stopped by the obsessive belief in Global Warming. The statistics were There is a perfect admitted to be false and the premise ex- posed that it was a big game to control coun- tries and economies, especially the US. We B C UTTERFIELD ONSTRUCTION CO. INC. From The Hills wildfire620@ Roger's View have been experienc- ing a long over due but periodic drought that has created tin- der dry conditions all over the country. Science and sci- entific research have been taint- ed with political and emotional issues.For one hundred years there has been a policy of stop- ping every fire that happens. Yet, it is proven that fire is a ba- sic cycle in both for- est and prairie. The Bambi syndrome and the classic Smokey the Bear promotion injected emotionalism into the management of our resources. The environmental 620-465-4636 • Perfect Storm try that brought pros- perity to not only the forest areas but also to the entire country has been mostly put out of business. Very few people do not like the clear cutting that used to take place, yet they see where the fires stop and are controlled in many instances. Fire is na- ture's clear cut. Some species of trees can- not sprout and grow without naturally oc- curring fire that splits the seed hulls and al- lows growth.. The canopy of a ma- The logging indus- extremist organiza- tions, and even some mainline groups, have bought into the politi- cally correctness that has hamstrung the people who live by the resources and manage them. Specializing In: Backhoe, Trenching, Directional Boring, Pond Cleanout, Site Preparation, Lawn Sprinkler Service 305 N. US Hwy 81 Byp McPherson, KS 67460 HRMC 10x3.875_03.pdf 1 5/10/12 3:33 PM 620-241-6894 or 800-303-6894 LOST-LIME SPREADER. WOULD THE PERSON Who Borrowed My Lime Spreader Or Anyone Who Knows Of Its Whereabouts, Please contact Alan Washburn 417-682-1532. Spreader consists of a Krause lime bed mounted on a set of dual tandem semi axles and is attached to an I-beam frame w/drawbar hitch for pulling w/ tractor. Operated by 1000 RPM PTO. Unit is white and dented on one side. CAN BE DROPPED OFF at WASHBURN FARM & HOME SUPPLY, 2 miles north of 160 & 71 Jct., Lamar, MO on East Outer Road ture forest does not let new trees grow and is not ideal for wildlife. The mandated mul- tiple use of our for- est lands controlled by the government has placed individual management into the hands of lawyers and judges. And as the experienced manag- ers retire or are fired, they are replaced with new people trained in the new agenda and equipped with little real experience. Another part of the of fire tanker created to replace the smaller worn out models are not allowed to go into service. Yet the Ev- ergreen Airlines 747 replaces 12 smaller bombers and can op- erate from a higher altitude than the old ones. It is a proven technology, which will not be deployed be- cause the government will not sign the con- tract for certification of the plane. Another issue is the The new generation pine beetle killing forests and spreading at a rapid pace. Be- cause of lawsuits and the loggers going out of business, there is not a fast enough sal- vage and clean up of the dead trees. This will be the source of the big one. Additionally, over 40% of the Federal firefighters will be re- tiring in the next few years. There are al- ready many units not being staffed for lack of qualified captains to head the crews. More alarming is puzzle is an aging fleet of air tankers. The planes are stressed past any point of logi- cal life and are fre- quently grounded as well as crashed. This all costs lives. Vol. 9 No. 25 • June 20, 2012 Auctions 06/21 – Towanda KS – Sundgren Auctions – page 13 06/22 – El Dorado KS – Sundgren Auctions – page 14 06/23 – Hillsboro KS – Leppke Realty & Auction – page 9 06/30 – Stafford KS – Results Realty and Auction – page 17 07/08 – Leon KS –United Country National Realty – page 5 07/07 – Salina KS – Wilson Realty & Auction Service – page 4 07/09 – Maize KS - Satellite Prolink Inc – page 6 07/10 – Garden Plain KS - Satellite Prolink Inc – page 6 Farm & Home Auction Calendar – page 24 J.P. Weigand Auction Calendar – page 23 McCurdy Auction Calendar – page 13 Salina Livestock Auction Market Report –page 12 Quotes A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else's money. Carter Glass the latest intelligence from Al Qaida, which documents the encour- agement for would- be terrorists in the US to go out and start fires in these areas. If you think it is bad now, wait until the season is advanced, and all this comes to- gether into a perfect storm. It may be too late to stop the perfect storm from happen- ing, but we can always count on congress to do nothing, the fed- eral bureaucracy to do nothing, and the courts to do nothing to prevent the obvious frivolous suits that block necessary ac- tion. How many funerals will it take for you and others to raise a voice and put an end to this travesty?

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