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ABOUT ALUMNI / 19 class notes / 1930s C1934 JIM TALMAN, STU WADE and JOHN CLEMENT are now the class of '34. We celebrated our 75th reunion this June. Jim and I celebrated the affair. It all started with a dinner at Cranbrook House on Friday evening. Saturday Jim went to the baseball and lacrosse games. In the evening we joined the group at the quad for cocktails and dinner. Jim has continued playing tournament tennis going to Ashville, NC, West Virginia and Longwood Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill, MA, winning at each venue. Stu is now at an assisted living facility and is doing well. I am suffering from the loss of my wife, Katherine, who died last June. We had spent the last 15 years together, so it comes as a big loss. Class Secretary, John K. Clement 4150 Corey Road • Toledo, OH 43623 419.885.1005 • K1934 The Kingswood class of 1934 has truly dwindled. PEGGY STRONG RICHARDSON is handicapped and living in Oregon near her daughter. A caretaker for FLORENCE SCHUST KNOLL BASSETT phoned to say Florence was living in her Florida home with round the clock care. My note sent to ALICE STEBBINS GOTTWALD was returned; no word from or of her in several years. I, LIZ MORTON MCLEAN, spend half my days keeping my handicapped husband, John, company in our Tidepointe care center. The bright spots of this summer have been visits from grandchildren and "greats" who delight in Hilton Head beaches. Class Secretary, Liz Wallace McLean 106 Shoreline Drive • Hilton Head, SC 29928 843.341.7589 C1938 Dear Classmates: Andy, JERRY MCMECHAN's son, has informed us it isn't in the cards for Jerry to continue as our class secretary. He is in a retirement complex at 561 Hatchery Road, Apartment 128B, Waterford, MI 48329. For his long, dedicated service, may I suggest cards or letters are in order. FRED DYE and I are going to personally visit him. Kathy Discenna, the Associate Director of Alumni Relations, has suggested that I take over. I could never be a Jerry, and, at 90, my qualifications are further diminished, but I am available. As we get older and fewer, we hunger for communi cation with our peers. As a case in point, DICK SAYRE, our class mate in Jackson, MS, and I recently had a long phone conversation after which it seemed like it had been a week, not 70 years since we spoke. Let's all work together, even though separated, in contributing to the pages of Tradition, a publication we can all be proud of. Be sure to respond to my letter asking for news for the spring issue by February 1. Class Secretary, Chuck Himelhoch 7387 Deep Run, Apt. 322 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301 248.593.5101 • K1938 JEANNE L'HOMMEDIEU TAYLOR called, and we had a nice chat. They are enjoying the retirement community in which they live. Jeannie is still in a wheelchair but is working on relearning to walk with water exercises. If you do not give much credit to people willing to relearn these skills, start now. It takes a lot of determination and willpower. Had a nice chat with MARGE MCCANN CANFIELD. She too is living in a retire ment community she likes. They have a knitting class she is thinking of joining, the library is great, and they show good movies. Her son, Bill, has a 12th grader thinking of going to Denison where his father went. Her son, Tom, lives in Hanover, NH. Although Marge was just at Kingswood for one year, she has fond memories of that time. I am glad, as I have fond memories of her. BARBARA CURTIS JONES and I always have a few good laughs when we talk. We can't believe we are still here when so many of our old friends are gone. Most of her time is still spent playing duplicate bridge. She says it is one way to keep in touch with younger people. However, she would be very happy to have some exciting events to report. Maybe next time. It is hard to believe she is almost as old as I am. She sounds like a kid. For some reason I still think of BETTY LEVY LANGER as a nice little girl with curly hair. That is how long it has been since I have seen her. She too is older and has some of the complaints we all have about aging. She has some physical problems which have slowed her down, but she is still taking piano lessons, going to concerts and out to dinner with friends. Talked to ELIZABETH RUSSELL STULLKEN and they have had some illness to deal with but now have full time help, so things are going better. She said they were really grateful that their sons often come to visit. We had a drumming class here at Shellpoint Retirement Community which was a great success. Now everyone wants to make a drum in the pottery studio. It is all pretty funny really. Just picture all these old people banging away on djembes and udi's. Luckily I did take a clay instrument class along the line. At this point I have seven drums, a horn, a bugle, a rain stick, a piano and an accordion, and I can play them each well enough to drive my neighbors crazy. Fortunately, they are all a little hard of hearing. There are some good things about being old. Recently I was in Texas for a visit with my granddaughter who was on leave from Hong Kong with her 22-month-old daughter. She was pretty cute, but I am happy I don't have to keep up with one of those. Class Secretary, June Daisley Lockhart 3501 Harbor Court • Ft Myers, Florida 33908 C1939 MORGAN DOUGLAS wrote, "Hi, Bill, nice to hear from you and glad you are doing fine. I am keeping busy with my painting, playing golf and skiing in the winter. Will be 90 in a few months but still going strong. Hope to keep it up. Have four grandchildren. Wife, Cathy, is keeping busy with social work – above, John clement and Jim talman, c'34, celebrate their 75 th reunion! above, liz Wallace Mclean, K'34, and great-grandchildren, Reilly and sydney Morton above, Bill Douglas, c'39, celebrating his 70th reunion

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