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Akerman, like Dr. Yezak and all of the staff at HSRC strive to be the best and allow their patients the opportunity to get better as quickly as possible. "Practicing for over 15 years has allowed me to properly diag- nose and treat all the patients we see," explains Dr. Neuburger. "This allows HSRC to provide the highest quality of healthcare." As the practice grew and Dr. Yezak could no longer see all patients, it became important for him to share his time between individual patient care and teaching and mentoring the other chiro- practic doctors. Dr. Yezak works to ensure that patients under- stand each of the providers are not only trained to his standards, but also communicate with him daily. This means that each patient is offered basically the same care provided by Dr. Yezak, regardless of their doctor. "Dr. Yezak's practice philosophy is very patient driven," shares HSRC Chiropractor and former patient, Dr. Alex Buriak. "You see his philosophy in all HSRC doctors. We all want to provide that same level of service and effectiveness. His dedication motivates us all to make sure we're doing the same thing." As a medical doctor, Pain Management physician, Dr. Alan Moore, M.D., has seen a lot change in the industry over the past 30 years. "When I started out, we did three injections and if they didn't he is involved in the overall success of all patient outcomes." personally, work, we sent them to a surgeon." Over time, he's learned that the integrated approach often yields better patient results than a singular approach. "A lot of the procedures I do work better if they're followed with chiropractic care or physical therapy." Dr. Moore is also able to augment the care with prescription medications to reduce inflamma- tion, as well as, injections to reduce pain and inflammation. This combination of traditional medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic care allows the practitioners at HSRC to provide patients with much better outcomes. At HSRC they pride themselves on their abil- he doesn't treat you "Even if ity to get to the root of the problem right away. If you need an MRI, they arrange it. If you need pain management, they provide it. If you need physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, HSRC provides it. Also, HSRC is one of the few providers of aqua therapy in north Houston. In today's changing healthcare environment, HSRC understands healthcare is expensive and people can't afford to come every day or take extended time off work. Helping you get better quickly is just part of what HSRC offers patients as part of their effort to ease the burden on patients. In keeping with Dr. Yezak's philosophy of offering compassion- ate care, HSRC now offers the Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Affordable Care Program, a cost management program that allows patients to pay off their care in the manner most suited to their finances. It's this total commitment to com- prehensive care and patient compas- sion that really sets HSRC apart from other back pain or chiropractic practices and distinguishes the group uniquely as a true multidisciplinary physical therapy, chiropractic and pain management practice. "You get better faster if you have a variety of disciplines helping you along the road," Dr. Moore adds. "At HSRC, we strengthen each other's efforts through cooperation and the sharing of knowledge. Our patients definitely benefit from it." "There's so much more to what we do besides manipulation of the spine, and that's something Dr. Yezak tries to convey to our patients and other doctors." For information on Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 281-362-0006. HSRC& Brody Lawhon, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT PHYSiCaL THERaPY The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers utilize various interventions to include therapeutic modalities, exercises and functional activities to reduce pain and restore motion and strength. Our therapists will assess joint motion and stability, muscle strength and flexibility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance and your ability to perform activities of daily living. We develop an individualized treatment plan so that you can recover within your comfort zone while achieving your rehabilitation goals. Alfred Vela III, M.P.T. 281.362.0006 • the woodlandS 3101 College Park Drive The Woodlands, Texas 77384 Midtown 2000 Crawford Street, Suite 1220 Houston, Texas 77002 Sugar land 2655 Cordes Drive, Suite 130 Sugar Land, Texas 77478 19

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