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Spring 2012

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TECHNOLOGY AND THE MILLENNIAL NURSE With both feet planted firmly in the Information Age, the Millennial nurse uses technology like never before. In her anatomy and physiology class, Practice Associate Professor Connie Scanga, PhD, pumps her arms up and down, demonstrating the musculature of the arm. Next she is hanging like a rag doll over her left side to demonstrate the work of the obliques. Around the class are muscle and skeletal models. Microscopes are lined up neatly, ready for use. On the lab tables are iPads loaded 4 UPfront | Spring 2012 with healthcare apps, the latest addition to teaching and learning in the School of Nursing. This convergence of teaching tools bridges the personal touch and the tech-savvy for today's nursing student. Raised on apps and smart chips, the Millennial Penn Nursing student finds technology integrated in the curriculum from the first semester of freshman year.

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