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February 9, 2012 Romance

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Shadowgraphy continued from page 8 meaning and an important social message. Also, we were fortunate to have Mr. Achath on our team, he truly brought the characters to life." Achath is a world-renowned shadowgrapher. His shadowgraphy has been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, CNN, ABC, CBS, and many other television channels in the U.S. and abroad. He was also a quarter-finalist in NBC's 2008 America's Got Talent contest. "Shadowgraphy is a very old art-form, and I am very excited to bring this art-form to a whole new generation," said Achath. "I fell in love with this project for the music, message and medium." Bye June is a socially conscious band originally from the Washington DC area and features: Gil Kline, guitars, vocals, composition and lyrics; Gunner Sledgeski, drums; and Daniel McGreal, Bass. You can listen to "Shades of Purple" and other Bye June tracks at www.byejune.com. Forbidden continued from page 17 repressed and resulted in both men and women being kept in the dark with regards to their own bodies and physical desires. The two juiciest roles are enacted by Katie Rubin, comic perfection as hysterical patient number one, and by Elena Wright, who movingly portrays the curious and ultimately adventurous wife of an uptight doctor. Her husband provides "electrical stimulation" in his private practice as treatment for various maladies suffered by patients, and his wife gradually realizes that she is missing out on the fun. What is unique about In the Next Room is that it actually succeeds in saying something about sexuality, particularly female sexuality, and does so from a woman's point of view — something we see far too rarely in the often male- dominated world of theater. Visit www. capstage.com. New Romance Novel Features Transgendered Heroine E veryone needs a little romance in their life, and now after a year of unprecedented publicity regarding transgender issues in the entertainment and political worlds, the novel Two Spirit Ranch, a transgender romance, hopes to give an unconventional twist to a conventional tale. The title delves into the fact that some Native American tribe members could assume the identity of the opposite gender and still be accepted and respected by their community. "Many of the native peoples believed a spectrum of gender identities was part of nature's diversity," Stryker goes on to say. "When European colonization started to dominate the region, rigid gender roles became the norm." Two Spirit Ranch is available online at www.chancesatromance.com. Calendar continued from page 19 Thursday, 23 FREEDOM TO MARRY EQCA and Sac G&L Center are hosting a reception and discussion on California's fight for marriage equality, with appetizers, wine and beer. $50. Kennedy Gallery, 1114 20th St. RSVP 916-442-0185 Ted@ SacCenter.org Friday, 24 RIGOLETTO A psychologically disturbing drama about a "corrupted clown who belittles the misfortune of others, and takes out a contract on his employer, who has designs on his daughter Gilda. Sacramento Opera with the Sacramento Philharmonic. 8 p.m. Community Center Theatre, 1301 L St. info: SacOpera.org Saturday, 25 SNOWSHOE HIKE Find your snowshoes, or rent some, for this moderate hike near Echo Summit, off Hwy. 50. Huff and puff through fluffy snow up a forested ridge to enjoy lunchtime views of Lake Tahoe. Then downhill to frozen Echo Lakes, passing snow covered cabins. Enjoy the winter wonderland! G&L Sierrans. Info: 916-379-0724 COLLAGE A group for folks aged eight and older with one or more parents that are LGBTQ. Come and play games, make friends and plan fun activities. 2-4 p.m. Sac G&L Center, 1927 L St. Info: 916-514-2251 colage.org facebook.com/colage. sacramento Sunday, 26 OSCAR NIGHT SACRAMENTO Take a stroll down the red carpet for an enchanted evening with Oscar, plus fabulous silent auction, free champagne toast, live music and more. 4 p.m. $75 or $125. Hyatt Regency. Info: 916-488-1110 CapCityAIDSFund.org Jaime Stryker's novel follows a successful lawyer running away from her tumultuous life in New York City to Montana where she meets a handsome small town sheriff. But this otherwise traditional love story has a twist; the heroine is transgendered and fears not being loved for the woman she is. "Popular art reflects culture, and the past year brought transgender issues to the forefront," says Stryker, who is a longtime fan of the romance genre. "It was simply time for a romance novel that also touched upon gender issues." outwordmagazine.com GO FETCH petsitting IS NOW luckybuddypetcare.com 916.505.4375 February 9, 2012 - February 23, 2012 • Volume 25 • Issue 3 • No. 450 Outword Magazine 21

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