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8 Wood Teragren transitions to new website By Aaron Weitzman Teragren, having gone a few years since significantly redesigning or upgrading its website, launched a new website in August. After about four to six months of planning, strategy and development, Steve Tucker, creative director, Teragren, said that the site was completely re-done from the ground up. He said that while the company had previ- ously used an outside com- pany for the website, the new website was developed completely in house. Tucker also reported that the website now has new con- tent and features including easier navigation of the site. "We wanted users to be able to find what they needed quickly and easily and this new naviga- tion scheme does just that," he said. "We took each of the core product pages to give the viewer a quick glance at each product offering and get an overview of what we offer in each category. We made the experience more of a pleasure for the user so that they can find what they are looking for, without get- ting frustrated. We have also updated and expanded our product offering, so we wanted the con- sumer to be able to get information on our latest products." There are six tabs at Pictured here are screenshots from Teragren's newly designed website. the top of the homepage and when you move the mouse over each tab, it gives the user more options inside that specific tab. There are also action items at the bottom of the page, intended to grab the user's atten- tion and it can direct them to certain areas of the website, accord- ing to Tucker. "We periodically change these action items, depending on any promo- tional events that are taking place," he said. "The previous site was cumbersome; we can now efficiently deploy new content and sections to bolster content. Right now, we are gearing up to launch new updates that will come out towards the new year and a new blog, that will go live by the end of November, begin- ning of December." Teragren started its blog at the end of last year and is diving into it more heavily now, sharing helpful tips and addressing the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. The com- pany intends to start producing DIY videos so that they can inspire the consumer to take on projects and show them other ways that bamboo can be used beyond the tradi- tional methods. The gallery section is another part of the website that was given some attention. "The gallery is one of the higher hit por- tions of our site and was already popular to begin with. But we improved the function- ality and divided up the gallery to be more product focused as opposed to just residen- tial or commercial, to give the consumer a more enjoyable experience," he said. According to Tucker, Teragren has received positive response from the ease of the navigation and the overall aesthetics of site. He also noted that the response has been overwhelming. "People have taken to it quite well and have not had any issues thus far. Some- times when you re-design a site, people that used to the old site and were accus- tomed to it, have some adjustment period with the new site, but we haven't had that problem," noted Tucker. FCW Fashion and technology at forefront of Domotex [Hannover, Germany] The inaugural wood flooring summit, to be held here at Domotex Hannover Jan. 14-17, 2012, is shap- ing up to be a who's who of the international laminate and parquet flooring industry. Dr. Andreas Gruchow, a management board member of Deutsche Messe, which runs the show, said that the wood flooring summit will attract a full complement of market lead- ers and it will be the platform for all of the latest product innovations. "All the market leaders are coming to Hannover to present their latest product developments. news bite ■ [St. Louis, Mo.] The National Wood Floor- ing Association (NWFA) has announced that Ken Schmidt, former director of communica- tions at Harley Davidson, will be the keynote speaker at its 2012 Wood Flooring Expo. The event will be held April 10-13 in Orlando, Fla., at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. One lucky attendee will ride away from the show on a new Harley Davidson motor- cycle. Schmidt will speak on Wednesday, April 11 about how Harley Davidson's vision for branding, corporate positioning and customer relations delivered them from near bankruptcy to market leader, and will apply those same principles to the wood flooring industry. He will show attendees how to differentiate themselves from their competition, maintain strong ties with loyal customers, build new customer relation- ships, establish customer referral networks, at- tract and retain motivated employees, and re- build corporate cultures to meet business goals. Also, the NWFA is having an open house at its headquarters in St. Louis next month on Nov. 9 and 10, between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. The NWFA is inviting its vendors, business partners or friends to come by or send a representative. During this open house, attendees will be able to check out NWFA's training facility to learn about the services and opportunities that are available to wood flooring professionals. There will also be special discounts and giveaways from distribu- tors and manufacturers — including Delmhorst, Mullican, Miller & Company and Superior Floors. In addition, the NWFA will have wood flooring demonstrations and tours of its 30,000 square foot facility. The premiere event really is promising to be a first-class showcase," said Gruchow. "But the wood flooring summit is about more than just basic product presentations. Many companies will also give hands-on demonstrations to show how their products perform in practice." Located in hall 9 on the exhibition grounds, the wood flooring summit puts hard floor- ing at center stage at Domotex with a com- bination of exhibition space and central information and event zones. Alongside the wood flooring summit, there will be a special display area that will feature the exhibitors' latest product releases. Leading up to the wood flooring summit, Domotex exhibitors can submit their top products for assessment by an expert jury. The most innovative entries will be on show during the fair at a special display area where visitors will be able to inspect, handle and walk on them. Entries will be assessed in three categories: parquet, laminate flooring products and other wood-based flooring products. They will be judged on the basis of their design, surface texture and technical innovation. FCW November 7/14, 2011 QEP employees honor veterans [Boca Raton, Fla.] On Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011, Q.E.P. Co., Inc. employees, along with their families and friends, joined with the veterans residing at the Stand Down House to renovate several buildings and refresh the exterior landscaping. Stand Down House assists and houses homeless veterans who are struggling to return to 'civilian' life. "One of QEP's core values is to honor those who have served our country. The Stand Down House was in need of a lot of basic repair and remodeling. This is our business and we were happy to help. It says a lot about the commitment of QEP employees who volunteered to make this happen last Saturday," said Len Gould, president of QEP. During the renovation the media room, dining room and offices of the Stand Down House were painted and more than 1,600 square feet of new flooring was laid. Out- side, more than 625 linear feet of concrete edging was installed, twelve large flower beds were weeded and over 300 cubic feet of mulch added and trees were pruned. The group also joined together to replace the broken concrete stops in the parking lot and restripe the entire parking area. "This was an amazing transformation of our housing units and property that created enthusiasm and joy in our veterans and a real expression of care and love for every veteran by QEP," said Casimiro Crocket, PHD, development & administrative direc- tor of Faith*Hope*Love*Charity, Inc., that oversees the Stand Down House. FCW Correction Pastiche Oak Collection from Mohawk Mannington's Heirloom These photos were identified incorrectly in the October 17/31, 2011 issue of FCW. Pic- tured here are the two wood products with the correct identifications.

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