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10B November 4 - 10, 2011 New England Real Estate Journal Electrical Matthew Dennen Electrician Consolidated Electrical Solutions Owners, Developers & Managers Visit the paper online Project of t PROJECT TEAM: PA LANDERS; SCHUMACHER; GEORGE W. PYNN; T. SULLIVAN Connolly Brothers and Building dealership Commercial Electrical Construction Construction, Service, Fire Protection Systems T: 508-272-8802 F: 774-413-9753 Masonry PROOF Size: 2x4 POM Changes NE NY REAL ESTATE JOURNAL Tel: 781-878-4540 New Proof From: JP Run Date: 11/04/11 cBd Proof Approved Section: NE ODM HANOVER, MA For over twenty-fi ve years, Connolly Brothers has been designing and building automobile dealerships for the Rosenberg family. Over that time, the Connollys and the Rosenbergs have partnered on over twenty-fi ve projects with the most recent project being the design and construction of a new Prime Infi niti dealership in Hanover. Connolly Brothers has started con- struction on a new 23,800 s/f Infi niti dealership for Prime Motor Group on Washington St. The facility will replace an existing Infi niti dealership in the same town. The new facility melds the interior design branding of Infi niti with an exterior tailored for the historic re- quirements of the town. It will house the sales and service operations for Prime Infi niti and will be the newest in Prime's portfolio of automobile dealerships. Throughout the 25 years of col- laboration, fi rst with Ira Rosenberg and his son David at the Ira Motor Group, then with David at Group 1 Automotive, and currently with both David and Ira at Prime Motor Group, the team has built a long-term, trusting business relationship. Con- nolly takes great pride in providing the design and construction services which have been an integral part of the incredibly successful automobile business model that the Rosenberg family has built. Although David Rosenberg, presi- dent of Prime Motor Group, revels in joking around with Steve Connolly, he clearly shows respect for Steve's skills as a builder and businessman. "We have shown great loyalty to Con- "Serving New England for over 40 years" Residential Commercial Industrial 603-382-8969 WWW.PYNNMASONRY.COM PROOF NE NY REAL ESTATE JOURNAL Tel: 781-878-4540 CONNOLLY Planning Design Construction www. c o n n o l l y P: 978-927-0053 F: 978-927-7928 nolly Brothers because they possess integrity and honesty. We also like that they have a talented in-house design team and that many of their staff have been around for a long time. This in-house design capability along with the familiarity and understanding we have developed has resulted in cost-effective facilities that serve the complex needs of our modern day automotive dealerships while being mindful of all-important budgets," said Rosenberg Rendering of Prime Infi niti d Ground breaking at Prime Infi niti dea General C crop 2"

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