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June 2014 *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. Express shipping will not be reimbursed. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2014 Parkell, Inc. 1BSLFMM5PEBZt+VOF Order online at or call us at 1-800-243-7446 | Questions or comments? E-mail us at | 1 B C D E F A Burnett Power-Tip™ insert. "-POHTMJNUJQSFBDIFTJOUPEFFQFSQPDLFUT #(SFBUFSNBTTJOUIFBDUJWBUFEBSFB $5IJOOFDLJNQSPWFTBDDFTT %4QFDJBMiHPMEwDPMPSIFMQTEJGGFSFOUJBUFGSPNPSEJOBSZUJQT &4VSHJDBMTUBJOMFTTTUFFMHSJQXPOUDSBDLBOEMFBL '4JMJDPOFNVGnFSSFEVDFTOPJTF — DEDICATED TO DANIEL R. SCHECHTER, ESQ. — The Burnett Power-Tip ™ , our toughest insert on hard calculus, is now also available with a soft-grip. Ultrasonic scaling is now even easier on your hand and your patient! tNPSFQPXFSNVDIHSFBUFSQPXFSUIBOB 6OJWFSTBMJOTFSUCVUXJUIUIFBDDFTTPGBQFSJPJOTFSU t-POHFSTMJNEFTJHOSFBDIFTJOUPOBSSPXTQBDFT t3PCVTUFOPVHIUPTNPPUIQMBRVFUSBQQJOHPWFSIBOHT BOESFNPWFQSPYJNBMBDDSFUJPOTBOETUVCCPSODFNFOUT t/FXTPGUHSJQQSPWJEFTNPSFDPNGPSUBOEMFTTFOT mOHFSWJCSBUJPO The soft grip lessens fi nger vibration while blasting those tenacious accretions. Its mass is greater along the working portion of the tip, so it has more momentum when it hits the calculus and transfers about 70% more energy. Nothing works better than the Burnett when you are tack- ling fl inty root calculus, interproximal accretions or amalgam overhangs! Once more, the Burnett is an ideal insert for everyday scaling. It features a long, slim tip allowing it to reach deep pockets. It's also longer than a traditional slim insert and has a broader stroke. Finally, this little toughie is also more robust than a slim insert. If you need to, you can crank your scaler's power to maximum with no problem. If you've used the Burnett, you should give the soft-grip a try. If you've never used the Burnett, it's time to make the switch! SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE BURNETT REMOVES ROCK-HARD CALCULUS: In Figure 1 note the heavy calculus deposits before scaling. After just one pass with the Burnett, notice the impressive difference in Figure 2 between the lower area and the untreated upper arch. NEW! Burnett Soft-Grip Insert ......... Available only in 30KHz %4(5 Burnett Power-Tip™ Insert ............... 25KHz %5* 30KHz %5* Replacement Black "O" ring refi lls %03*/(#- ............................. 1LHPG JOEJWJEVBMi0wSJOHT Replacement Green "O" ring refi lls %03*/((3 ............................ 1LHPG JOEJWJEVBMi0wSJOHT TOUGHNESS NOW HAS A soft-side. PLEASE NOTE: *OTFSUTBSFOPOSFGVOEBCMFOPSSFUVSOBCMFJGQBDLBHFTFBMJTCSPLFOPSJGJOTFSUIBTCFFOVTFE NEW #VSOFUU4PGU(SJQJOTFSU Fig. 1 Fig. 2 NOTE:*O'JHVSFUIFNBYJMMBSZBSDIXBTOPUZFUTDBMFE %S.JDIBFM,BSUFS%%4 See pgs. 8 & 10 for our full-line of inserts, or go to %JTDPVOUWBMJEPOMZPONFSDIBOEJTFQVSDIBTFTNBEFEJSFDUMZUISPVHI1BSLFMM$BOOPUCFDPNCJOFE XJUIBOZPUIFSPGGFSTPSBQQMJFEUPTDBMFSQBDLBHFTEFWJDFTUBSUFSLJUTPSBOZRVBOUJUZEJTDPVOU BNPVOUHSFBUFSUIBOUIJTPGGFS0GGFSFYQJSFTQN&45PO5VFTEBZ+VMZTU*OTFSUTBSF OPOSFGVOEBCMFOPSSFUVSOBCMFJGQBDLBHFTFBMJTCSPLFOPSJGJOTFSUIBTCFFOVTFE LIMITED-TIME OFFER — ENDS JULY 1 ST , 2014 GET 10 % OFF when you order any 5 or more ultrasonic OR piezo inserts! No special code needed. ** No time to call? Order online!

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