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Le Québec a plusieurs atouts pour séduire le visiteur : une géographie immense et variée, quatre saisons distinctes, un patrimoine culturel unique sur le continent et deux villes, Montréal et Québec, alliant cachet européen et modernité nord-américa

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2014-2015 1-800-265-7822 A REAL-LIFE SHOW All summer long, Hydro-Québec is opening its doors to offer guided tours full of amazing discoveries. At Rapides-Farmer generating station, our guides will lead you through the awe-inspiring structures involved in producing electricity. It's informative, fun and free! Rapides-Farmer generating station Rapides-Farmer generating station Carillon generating station LIFE SHO A REAL Rapides-Farmer generating station W O s-Farmer generating station t . I y icit tr oducing elec in pr ou thr our guides will lead y v o ours full of amazing disc t Q - o dr y , H ll summer long A -LIFE SHO A REAL ee! , fun and fr e tiv ma or s inf for ' e tur ing struc -inspir e w ough the a r t a mer gener ar apides-F t R . A ies er v e o off uébec is opening its doors t Q W O ed olv v es in tion, ing sta er guided Rapides-Farmer generating station om/visit .c oquebec dr y .h w w w t Carillon generating station MY WATERSIDE VACATIONS HÉKIPA TENT (READY-TO-CAMP) s s (EATING AND LIGHTING s s QUEENSIZE BEDS SEPARATED BY A PARTITION s s #AMP STOVE AND SMALL FRIDGE s s &URNITURE AND ALL YOU NEED FOR MEAL PREPARATION AVAILABLE AT THESE 3 DESTINATIONS ! 0HOTOS 3TEVE $ESCHÐNES -ATHIEU 'IRARD 3ÏPAQ $OMINIC "OUDREAULT 4AXES NOT INCLUDED /THER CONDITIONS MAY APPLY 0HOTOS 3TEVE $ESCHÐNES -ATHIEU 'IRARD $OMINIC "OUDREAULT #ERTAIN CONDITIONS APPLY RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE LA VÉRENDRYE RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE DE PAPINEAU-LABELLE CENTRE TOURISTIQUE DU LAC-SIMON )NCLUDED IN THE CABIN RENTAL s "ARBECUE s +AYAK s 0ERSONAL ROWBOAT s ! DAY OF lSHING UPON RESERVATION OF A NIGHT STAY s 'IANT SLIDES NEW s -INIATURE GOLF s 7ATER ACTIVITIES s 3UPERVISED BEACH s +IDS GAMES AND ACTIVITIES Discover Le Domaine's enchanting setting, featuring a day camp packed with fun for the kids. Escape to a isolated cabin with beautiful private sandy shoreline Getaway for the whole family. NIGHT * NIGHTCABIN /PERS CAPACITY &EES IN HIGH SEASON 4AXES NOT INCLUDED NIGHTCABIN IN HIGH SEASON 4AXES NOT INCLUDED * * 3TARTING AT 3TARTING AT Cabin rental Cabin rental | 1 800 665-6527 IN HIGH SEASON PERS MAX ADULTS 370 campsites 7 5 NIGHTS AND PAY FOR * TER ATERSIDE V MY W WA T ACATIONS RSIDE V VACA IONS )NCLUD s "AR s +AY 3TA Cab RENTAL CABIN THE IN ED RBECUE YAK NIGHTCABIN / CAPACITY PERS SEASON HIGH IN &EES INCLUDED NOT 4AXES * AT RTING bin rental # s 0ER s D ! A OF 3TA Cab 7 APPLY CONDITIONS ERTAIN ROWBOAT RSONAL RESERVATION UPON lSHING OF DAY STAY NIGHT A NIGHTCABIN SEASON HIGH N NCLUDED NOT 4AXES * AT RTING bin rental R Y FO PAY FO AND IGHTS N 5 7 * ( VA AVA T T AT T S E D s 'IA s -IN s 7A s 3UP s +ID LI HI D ( I E L B A L I A E 3 S E H T ! IONS T AT IN T S SLIDES ANT NEW GOLF NIATURE ACTIVITIES ATER BEACH PERVISED ACTIVITIES AND GAMES S NIGHT * SEASON HIGH IN ADULTS MAX PERS 70 3 campsites 3ÏP 'IRARD -ATHIEU $ESCHÐNES 3TEVE 0HOTOS $O 'IRARD -ATHIEU $ESCHÐNES 3TEVE 0HOTOS s ( s s s s # s s & s "OUDREAULT $OMINIC PAQ 4AXES "OUDREAULT MINIC sep LIGHTING AND (EATING PARTITION A BY SEPARATED BEDS QUEENSIZE FRIDGE SMALL AND STOVE #AMP PREPARATION MEAL FOR NEED YOU ALL AND &URNITURE APPLY MAY CONDITIONS /THER INCLUDED NOT S | 1 800 665-6527 JULY IS FAMILY MONTH IN THE OUTAOUAIS REGION! PLAN YOUR FAMILY GETAWAY IN THE OUTAOUAIS REGION NOW! PHIL TIFO - PARC OMÉGA Promotional offers, surprises and special activities, 1,001 amazing adventures await you! Stay overnight in one of the participating hotels of the Outaouais region in July and get a free back pack for your kids.

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