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MUMBAI Unit no.6, Om Heera Panna “The Mall”, Behind Shreeji Hotel, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari(W), Mumbai – 400102 Jal Directed byGirishMalik Produced by – Clapstem Productions and National Film Development Corporation Water is more precious than blood, in the Rann ing the wrath of the sun and so are themigratory Flamingos.Whose life ismore important? Every year thousand of Flamingos fly from Siberia to one the largest breeding grounds, in the Rann of Kutch. The marshy lands and the abundance of algae have turned this land into a paradise for thesemigratory birds. But this year, the winds have a strange eerie emptiness in them. Kim, an ornithologist, who wants to study Flamingo chicks and their growth stages, comes to Rann of Kutch. Her European clothes and manners get her a lot of attention fromthe Rann villagers, who keep their wives and daughters behind closed doors and ghunght, to keep their faces covered from strangers. The village Kim is residing near happens to be the onewho is facing an intensewater shortage. Meet Bakka, the flamboyant, traditional and over- rated water diviner who is on the verge of solving the water problem of this village. Bakka, The Water God, as he fancies himself, tries to employ his magic but fails and becomes a target of vil- lagers’ disdain. This failure further complicates Bakka’s life, as he was planning tomarry Kesar, a W SPOT INFORMATION India: +91 (22) 4010 9537 / 38 Email: girish@clapstem.com OBJECTIVE ClapstemProductions is always hungry for intelli- gent, unusual and inter- esting scripts.Wewant to develop creative content and harvest it bymaking brilliant commercial movieswhich engage the audience’s imagination. PROFILE ClapstemProductions is a brainchild of GirishMailk, who founded andnurtured it since 1996.This creative workshop is devoted to pro- ducinghigh-quality con- cepts pertaining to a gamut of genres of filmmaking, right fromNational inte- grationtoHumanDrama to PeriodFilms toRomance. Clapstemis currently based inMumbai,Delhi and Londonandhas branched itself into developing com- prehensive solutions for production, co-production and line production. 28 pickle entertainment biz guide girl from the neighboring, arch rival village, by convincing his Mukhiya, headman of the village, by pressurizing him after finding water. Just then, Kimrealizes that a lot of baby flamingo chicks are perishing due to the increase in salinity of water near the Flamingo habitat. She realizes that she needs sweet water to save the Flamingo chicks.When the sophisticated high endwater detection devices do not bring the expected result, the village and Kimturn towards Bakka. Bakka decides to use this situation to his advantage, and gets married toKesar. This time Bakka’s chants bear fruits andwater gushes out of the gut of the dry and arid land of Kutch. But the water goes to flamingos and leaves the villagers high and dry. Also the spot is too far fromvillage for villagers to use thiswater. Now Bakka has to find water again to save his village, so he decides to ‘borrow’ the drilling machine. The entire village decides to sell their jewelry to buy diesel for the machine. But, fate isn’t without a sense of irony, it seems. Things get out of control and they all hurl towards a shattering climax which wrecks the life of everyone involved. Travel to India, aswe showcase the toughest living conditions on the planet through the eyes of the local Indian tribe, which has been at the receiving end of a lot of heat, dust and apathy. The emotions in these hearts have dried up and their beliefs are shat- tered just like the cracked land beneath their feet. This heart wrenching story of the dry lands and aridminds will leave you gasping forwater! In the Rann of Kutch, while trying to solve the water scarcity of his village, Bakka – an overconfident water diviner faces unfore- seen circumstances when he tries to help a female ornithologist to save flamingos FOR DETAILS www.clapstem.com girish@clapstem.com INDIA ater, themostbasichumannecessityis the scarcest one in the Rann of Kutch, the barrendesert inIndia.Humans are suffer-

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