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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about Parkell Today: CANADA BUY. TRY. DECIDE. Parkell’s Risk-Free Trials! See page 2. SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEM-SOLVING DENTAL PROFESSIONAL SINCE 1948. CANADA PRIORITY NO. 2927 See page 2 MAY 2011 MACH-Scannable™ Accurate CAD/CAM Scans What is Mach-Scannable™ and why do you need it? Quite simply, we took our time-tested, clinically-proven die silicone, Mach-2®, and re-engineered it to meet the needs of today’s CAD/CAM dental practitio- ner. Mach-Scannable possesses the same unique physical properties as Mach-2, but with a modifi ed surface that allows high-resolution scanning and image reproduction using an intra-oral scanner. This makes it perfect for areas of the mouth where standard scanning techniques are diffi cult. Mach-Scannable is a low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane material with excellent detail reproduction and easy application. To use it, fi rst take an alginate or reversible hydrocolloid impression of the prep. Then inject Mach-Scannable from its automix syringe into the impression and immediately express Parkell’s Blu-Mousse® over the bottom of the Mach if a model base is preferred. The entire process should take approximately two minutes. The result: a working die that captures every detail of the prep, without the need for powdering. • Low viscosity produces a void-free master model with excellent detail reproduction. • Modifi ed surface allows high-resolution scanning and image reproduction without the need for powdering. • Produces low speckle noise for a more precise electronic impression. • Registers a fi nal Shore A durometer of 88+. • Very durable: won’t chip, abrade or crack, but can be sliced with a common razor blade for easy die separation. Now just digitize the Mach die with your scanning camera and produce an accurate image of the prep. Because the material produces low speckle noise, you’ll get a precise electronic impression that your CAD/CAM system can rapidly turn into a well-fi tting prosthesis. Mach-Scannable is durable, non-sticky and displays a remarkably smooth consistency. Even though it registers a fi nal Shore A durometer of 88+, you can still cut it with a common razor blade or Bard Parker for easy handling. It’s not crumbly and won’t chip, abrade or crack. And since no burs are necessary, there’s no dust either, which means your scannable die is sure to be artifact-free! Give Mach-Scannable a try for 45 days risk-free. If it’s not what you were expecting, return the rest of the material for a full refund, including the original ground shipping charges.** Order Today! See page 2 NEW! Mach-Scannable™ (S415) .................................CAN $49.00 Includes 2 (50ml) automix cartridges of material plus 10 mixing tips and 10 intraoral tips. Refi lls: 30 Mixing Tips (S302) ....................................................CAN $25.70 30 Intraoral Tips (S303) .................................................CAN $29.40 See page 21 for our full line of Mach materials! ** Express shipping will not be reimbursed. ORDER TODAY! | Call: 1-800-243-7446 | Fax: 631-249-1242 | Visit: | E-mail: 1 *Trial periods valid only when product is purchased directly from Parkell, Inc. See Terms of Sale for details. © 2011 Parkell, Inc. Parkell Today Canada | May 2011 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Figure 1: Mach-Scannable’s low viscosity helps produce a void-free master model with excellent detail reproduction. Figure 2: With a CEREC® camera— and no powdering—a digitized image of the Mach-Scannable master model was quickly and easily produced. NEW! Without Powder! (Photos courtesy of Gregg Helvey D.D.S., M.A.G.D., Middleburg, VA.)

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