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Spring 2014

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12 • C P • M A R C H | A P R I L 2 0 1 4 Branson for probably 30 years. "He ran some samples for me, and we would go out to lunch and talk about it. I went to trade shows and talked to his part- ners about the leakers. We never thought that the Branson sealer would fit on the filling ma- chine because there is such a very small area that we have to work with on the pouch." Bachmann explains that Branson person- nel decided to visit Frank-Lin to take a closer look at the facility and observe the equip- ment to see if they could get their unit in there on the machine. "ey decided they could, so we ordered it. We took the old heat sealer and chill sealer off and installed this new one. Quite frankly, we didn't know what we were getting into," he admits. e Branson machine began running on the older filling equipment in mid-2012. "Everything was heat seal before that," Bachmann recalls. "If the product wasn't in there just right and if you had any type of splash back or anything was wrong with the pouch, you might seal it with a heat sealer and it might have a little leak that could potentially be a problem." e good news was Pocket Shot Spirits had no consumer complaints. "One thing we wanted to make sure of was that we would handle the leakers as well as we possibly could," says Bachmann. "I don't think we had a lot of leakage on pouches actually going out on the market." Bachmann praises Branson Ultrason- ics, noting, "I take my hat off to these people, who have gone way out of their way to make this fit and work. ey have been very responsive. ey have jumped through hoops for us. "We feel very comfortable with this pouch and we are running probably about 35 pouches a minute now. Branson contin- ues to look at ways to add parts to make sure that the machinery seals the pouches absolutely perfectly." Has the new sealing process reduced the amount of product waste or packag- ing waste? "Absolutely!" Bachmann states. "And we are very proud of it." Bachmann commends Branson for not only its technical ability to solve his prob- lem, but also its responsiveness in meeting a challenging timeline to minimize his loss of production time. He expressed great relief knowing that, while his unique pack- age presents a number of inherent chal- lenges, he no longer has to be concerned about the integrity and strength of the seal. He'll soon be expanding his produc- tion and distribution to serve new markets in the U.S. and Europe. [ CP] For previous Packaging World articles and a video on Pocket Shot filling and sealing, visit Pocket Shot Spirits | continued from page 11 04d_PWrepurp_PocketShots.indd 12 3/18/14 1:43 PM

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