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Four steps to innovation Pocket Shot Spirits By Jim Butschli, Features Editor, Packaging World magazine Jarrold Bachmann is not only the founder of Pocket Shot Spirits, but he's also an avid big-game hunter. In fact, he's made at least 40 hunting trips to Africa. On one visit to his farm in South Africa, he observed work- ers celebrating payday by drinking liquor from small sachets. He sensed an oppor- tunity to fill an unmet need in the spirits market for a small, unbreakable, easy-carry, easy-open, pocket-sized flexible "bottle" that stands up on a bottom gusset. Not only would a flask-like stand-up pack be unique for spirits, but it would also be suitable for the on-the-go lifestyles that were creating a growing demand for "single- serve" portions like Pocket Shot for many consumables. So, he decided to capitalize on this trend, identifying a target audience of travelers, golfers, and other sports and outdoor enthusiasts. In 2006, the Evergreen, CO-based com- pany introduced the Pocket Shot, a line of spirits packaged in the unbreakable 50-mL plastic packs that are now available in 11 flavors. Products are sold at retail, through spirits distribution channels, and online by some retailers, in about 27 different U.S. states, and in Europe, Canada, the Carib- bean Islands, and Puerto Rico. "Our tagline is that the Pocket Shot goes anywhere," says Bachmann. e Pocket Shot single pack sells for $1.49 to $1.99, with price determined by the retailer. It's also sold in what Bachmann calls "a stadium- type display box," that contains 12 pouches, and at the distributor level in a "rainbow Pocket Shot hunts for pouch sealing solution Ultrasonic sealing virtually eliminates leakers attributable to a previous hot-seal/cold-seal approach. 10 • C O N T R A C T PA C K A G I N G • M A R C H | A P R I L 2 0 1 4 SEAL CLOSEUP. A complex geometry makes the Pocket Shot a challenge to seal. FLEXIBLE PACKS. This lineup shows some of the varieties of 50-mL Pocket Shot packs. 04d_PWrepurp_PocketShots.indd 10 3/18/14 1:42 PM

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