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Spring 2014

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M A R C H | A P R I L 2 0 1 4 • C P • 9 Pharmalab Inc. used to reject any cartons with open flaps. Subsequently, cartons are hand-packed into outer cor- rugated shippers for palletizing and shipping, processes that could be automated in the future. Rockwell Automation ( Allen Bradley MPL-series servomotors and a ControlLogix L71 PLC control the cartoner and Delta 3 robot. Noting the benefits Pharmalab's El Alaoui says the cartoner lines operate at 10 to 14 cartons/min, depending on how many pouches must be placed in the carton. "e output is dictated by the pouch machine, which operates at speeds ranging from 70 to 90 pouches per minute," he says. Since the new AFA cartoners were installed and began running last year, El Alaoui says Pharmalab has gone from nine people total on its three shifts to three in all. "Because we have a hard time recruiting people here in the Quebec area, we couldn't have all of the shifts covered with the manpower we had. Now we can. It comes down to keep- ing the lines running. ree people couldn't keep up with the 90 pouches-per-minute speed, but the robot can. With three people it was more around 55 pouches per minute. On the cartoning end, we have gone from producing seven cartons a minute to 12, so we are close to doubling our production. "We had to increase our capability to go 24/7 production with the number of people, so we didn't need to layoff any- one. And when we used people to fill cartons, we didn't seal the carton flaps, but instead applied just a security seal at the end of the carton to make sure that the product was sealed. Now, in terms of security, it's a better product for our clients." Printing the expiry date and lot number on both the pouch and carton add to that security and help Pharma- lab track products from the raw material stage through distribution. So just as its products are designed to better the health of Canadian consumers, Pharmalab's cartoning equipment is now re-energizing the contract manufacturer's packaging lines. [ CP] CARTON CLOSING. The robot may pick and place five, seven, or 10 packs at a time into a carton, which heat-seals minor and major flaps. (208) 672-1540 • HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICING • QUICK TURNAROUND • PROFESSIONAL INNOVATIVE PACKAGING Contact CSP for reward details 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 STICK PACK ORDERS 04b_PWrepurp_Pharmalab.indd 9 3/18/14 1:41 PM

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