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63 Field of Study Curriculum for Computer Science – CS3 The Computer Science Field of Study is designed for students who plan to major in Computer Science and transfer to a public Texas four-year college or university. Students will gain an Associate of Science degree and will be able to transfer the set of major courses as a block to any university in Texas as long as they complete all of the courses with a grade of "C" or better. Field of Study Required Courses (31 SCH) • Computer Science – COSC 1436 - Programming Fundamentals I – (Fall only) – COSC 1437 - Programming Fundamentals II – (Spring only) – COSC 2325 - Computer Organization – (Fall only) – COSC 2436 - Programming Fundamentals III – (Spring only) • Mathematics – MATH 2413 - Calculus I with Analytic Geometry – MATH 2414 - Calculus II with Analytical Geometry • Life and Physical Sciences – PHYS 2425 - University Physics I – PHYS 2426 - University Physics II Core (30 SCH) • Associate of Science – Communication (6 SCH) – Oral Communication (3 SCH) – Creative Arts/LPC (6 SCH) – SBS/HIST/GOVT PS (15 SCH) Total Semester Credit Hours for the Computer Science Field of Study = 61 Contact: Roberta McClure 832.556.4015, for specific degree information. Note: Please note that Math 2413 is a prerequisite for the Physics series. Students should plan their coursework accordingly. 1. COSC 1336/1436 and 1337/1437 are preparatory and sequential in nature; however, not all courses are required for the Computer Science major at all universities, but may apply to general degree requirements. a. COSC 1336/1436 is not part of the Computer Science major requirements at The University of Texas at Austin, Univer- sity of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Dallas, and Texas A&M University. b. COSC 1337/1437 is not part of the Computer Science major requirements at The University of Texas at Austin. Prepara- tory courses such as COSC 1336/1436 and COSC 1337/1437 will assist students who need additional background but do not apply toward the Computer Science major requirements. 2. COSC 2325/2425 is not part of the Computer Science major requirements at the University of Texas at Austin or Texas A&M University, but may be applied to general degree requirements. 3. It is recommended that students complete the Math sequence, Physics sequence, and Computer Science sequence at the same institution to reduce the likelihood of potential gaps in the curriculum.

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