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61 Field of Study Curriculum Field of study curricula were mandated by the state legislature in 1997. These programs offer transferability to general aca- demic teaching institutions in the state of Texas and guarantee substitution for lower-division requirements for the degree program. Students receive academic credit toward the baccalaureate degree program for the courses transferred, which meet the four-year institute of higher education's lower-division requirements in the academic program area. Lee College currently offers coursework in five areas: Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Music, Speech-Communications, and Business. Course sequencing is an important aspect of the field of study academic plans; communicate with an advisor or content specialist for an efficient and effective plan of action. Field of Study Curriculum for Speech Communication – SPC4 The Speech Communication Field of Study is designed to provide the appropriate curriculum for students transferring into a Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Speech Communications. The degree focuses on the scientific, humanistic, and criti- cal study of human communication in a variety of formats, media, and contexts. Major Courses (15 SCH) • Historical, theoretical, and/or analytical competency (9 SCH) – SPCH 1311 – Introduction to Speech Communication – SPCH 1318 – Interpersonal Communication – SPCH 2333 – Discussion and Small Group Communication* • Writing/performance/production competency (6 SCH) – SPCH 1321 – Business and Professional Communication – SPCH 2335 – Argumentation and Debate* *For class arrangements and availability, please contact the faculty representative. Core (42 SCH) • Oral Communication requirement – SPCH 1315 – Principles of Public Speaking Elective (3 SCH) • Check with receiving university for transferability Total Semester Credit Hours the Speech Communication Field of Study = 60 Transfer students may be required to complete between 3 to 6 additional lower-division SCH in their major if the receiving in- stitution has additional lower-division courses that are: (1) specific to any communication degree, (2) required of their native students, (3) needed for the successful completion of advanced coursework at that institution, and (4) not duplicative in con- tent of any course in the applicable sub-area Field of Study Curriculum for Communication that the student already has com- pleted. Contact: Ray Whitlow at 281.425.6876,, for specific degree information.

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