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Student Class Load Lee College defines full-time students as those who enroll for 12 or more SCHs (semester credit hours) and/or take courses which require 16 or more hours of lecture and labo- ratory work per week in long semesters (e.g., certain nursing and cosmetology courses). In 10-week sessions, full-time students are those who attempt 8 or more SCHs, in 5-week terms those who attempt 4 or more SCHs. The total course loads of students who attempt courses offered in different sessions (e.g., 5-week and 10-week) will be determined by combining the loads attempted in each. Questions about course loads and/or enrollment verification may be ad- dressed to the Admissions and Records Office. Maximum load: Students may enroll for as many as 18 SCHs each long semester or 7 SCHs each summer session. Stu- dents may only enroll in a 3 SCHs during a holiday or mini session. Approval to exceed maximum load: Students who wish to enroll for more than 18 SCHs during the long semester or more than 7 SCHs each (5-week) summer session must have approval of the Instructional Deans or Vice President of Learning. These credit hours include simultaneous enroll- ment at other institutions for a part or all of a term. If the si- multaneous enrollment includes online learning classes, proctored examinations must be taken in the Lee College Counseling Center unless another location and proctor are approved in advance by either the Instructional Deans, the Vice President of Learning, or the Vice President of Student Affairs. External credits resulting in overloads may not be ap- plied to a student's degree plan if the overload was not pre- approved. International students: Most international students must enroll in and complete at least 12 SCHs each long semester to remain in status on their student visas. Failure to do so may require the student to seek reinstatement of their stu- dent visas. Such students may be denied enrollment at the College until their visas have been reinstated. Scholarship: The class load requirements for students who receive scholarships are based on the award criteria. Student activities: Students who attempt fewer than 6 SCHs in long semesters may be barred from participation in some activities sponsored by the Student Congress and/or student organizations. Student Identification Students should keep a form of identification with them when they are on campus. Students should request a Lee College ID card, which may be obtained from the bookstore with a photo ID. IDs are required for library services, testing services and to use the game room. Student Identification – Allied Health, Nursing, Education, and Cosmetology Specialized IDs are required for students in the areas of allied health, nursing, education, and cosmetology and may be purchased through the Lee College Bookstore. Picture iden- tification is required. Parking Permits and Incidents Students who plan to park a vehicle (or vehicles) on campus must obtain a parking permit. These permits are available during regular on-campus registration and may be obtained at the Security Office in the Student Center. There is no charge for the first permit; a dollar charge is made for subse- quent permits. A valid driver's license and Lee College ID are required. Students who park motorcycles on campus need not obtain permits but should contact the security office for a list of ap- proved parking areas. Motorcycles parked on grass or side- walks will be ticketed. Traffic accidents, thefts, or damage to vehicles should be re- ported to the Campus Security Office. Student Services Student Participation in Decision Making at Lee College Students are encouraged to participate in decision making at Lee College, both in college governance and in student organizations. The College recognizes the Student Congress as the principal voice of the student body in matters related to college policy. Student Congress representatives meet with the President, Instructional Deans or Vice President of Learning, Vice President of Student Affairs, and other cam- pus leaders as members of the College Council. Student Congress representatives serve on the Lee College Planning Committee. Students, along with faculty and administrators, are also selected to serve on the Appeals Committee, which is part of the formal student appeal process for disciplinary actions and academic issues. 37

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