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22 Incomplete A grade of "I" indicates incomplete work resulting from ill- ness or other unavoidable circumstances. To be eligible to receive an "I" students must have completed at least 75 per- cent of the work required for the course in question during the original term of enrollment. To receive an "I," a student must enter into a contract with the instructor of the course regarding the work that is to be completed and the grade the student will receive in the event that the work is not completed. The remaining work must be completed within one semester unless extenuating circumstances require a longer period for completion. Instructors have the right to submit any grade at any time to replace an "I" grade, with a grade of "F." Students who receive "I" grades should not re-enroll for the class unless they are terminating the incomplete agreement and wish to start over with a new section of the class. In this case, the student is urged to contact the original instructor to request release from the incomplete agreement. After the next long semester has lapsed, if the "I" grade has not been changed to another grade by the instructor, the "I" grade will be replaced with an "F". Considerations When Dropping Courses Legislative actions currently in affect can add additional charges for repeated courses and may limit the number of courses the student can drop at any Texas public institution of higher education. Surcharges for Certain Repeated Classes Lee College applies a tuition surcharge when students re- peat a class for the third or greater time (since Fall 2002). This action was taken because the state legislation eliminated the funding match the College previously received for these enrollments. The surcharge is assessed at the non-resident tuition rate in addition to the regular tuition rate based on the student's residency. Students are strongly encouraged to keep the surcharge in mind when considering whether to drop a required course. If the drop will result in a grade of "W," the course will be counted as an attempt. Students should see a counselor or the registrar if they have questions. Six Drop Policy The Texas Legislature passed a law designed to limit the total number of course drops to six for undergraduate stu- dents at state public institutions of higher education. This legislation affects only students entering any Texas public college Fall 2007 or later. Students who have attended any college prior to Fall 2007 are generally not affected. Lee College is responsible for tracking and possibly denying drop requests of students affected by the law. Affected stu- dents may be asked to give a reason when making a drop re- quest. Drops may be reviewed for compliance with this law. An appeal process will be available for students. The law also requires Lee College to report unexcused drops on an affected student's transcript. Updates on the College's six drop policy will be published on the Lee College website and will be available at the Counseling Center. Drops During Drop Period During the first 60-62.5% of any class term (specifically the end of the 10th week of a 16 week session, 6th week of a 10 week session, 5th week of an 8 week session, or 3rd week of a 5 week session),students may drop any class(es) for any reason. These deadlines are printed in the college calendar found in schedules or can be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office. Students are urged, but not required, to notify their instructors when they drop classes. Instructors may drop students during any point in the se- mester prior to finals week if student fails to attend class on a regular basis or if they fail to meet other requirements. Drops during the drop period result in a grade of W1. Instructors may drop students during any point in the se- mester before final grade rosters are released (Thursday be- fore final exams), if they fail to attend class on a regular basis or if they fail to meet other requirements. See specific sec- tion syllabi for instructor rules and regulations. Once final exam week begins, students will earn a grade. Instructor initiated drops after the drop period result in a grade of W2. Administrative Withdrawal Students who violate college policies, including TSI policies and the policies outlined in this catalog, may be withdrawn from the College. Students who are withdrawn for policy vi- olation will receive grades of "W3." There is no grade point value for a "W3."

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