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13 Students with Disabilities A student who has a documented disability must contact the Counselor for Students with Disabilities prior to testing to make arrangements for any necessary accommodations on the TSIA. Documentation of the disability is required. LC Testing Guidelines for the Texas Success Initiative for the Fall 2013 Semester • Students with scores from other alternative tests should consult with the Counseling Center for placement. • Students are required to have a Lee College application for admission on file in the Office of Admissions and Records before taking the TSIA. • Students must meet course prerequisites regardless of TSIA status. Credit by Examination and Placement into Advanced Classes Opportunities to Earn Credit for Prior Learning Including Credit by Examinations To recognize and award credit for prior learning, Lee College may approve a variety of alternatives to traditional credit by exam, including portfolio development and alternative forms of assessment. See the Counseling Center for details regarding these opportunities. Examination Availability Lee College awards credit specific credit by exams as out- lined below. The table on the following pages provides more details. Credit for Advanced Placement (AP) High School Students may take Advanced Placement (AP) examinations at area high schools after they complete the appropriate courses. Scores will be accepted up to three years after the test was taken. Refer to the table at the end of this section for accepted tests. Students failing to successfully complete the course will be required to re-enroll in LSSS 300 or EDUC 1200 each semes- ter until the course is successfully completed. Students who begin their Lee College enrollment in a summer semester will be given the option to delay the LSSS 300 or EDUC 1200 classes until the fall semester. Registering for Non-Credit (NC) While students are urged to register for credit, they may elect to audit a course for non-credit. Students choosing to register in this manner pay full tuition and fees, are not ex- pected to take examinations, and receive a grade of NC for the course. The grade "NC" has no grade point value and cannot be changed at a later date. Students who wish to register for non-credit may not do so before the first meeting of the class or classes which they wish to audit. Audit enrollment may not be allowed in cer- tain classes. To register for non-credit, students must obtain a non-credit registration form from the Admissions and Records Office and return it to that office with the instruc- tor's signature. Non-Degree Seeking Students Casual Students – A student who, upon enrollment, is not seeking a degree or certificate and will not be required to take a test for TSI purposes if he/she enrolls in specific en- richment courses. The college maintains a list of "personal enrichment" courses that require no prerequisite (testing or course). These students will be exempt from the require- ments of the Texas Success Initiative only while enrolled in these courses. Transient Students – A student who is enrolled in a private or out-of-state institution of higher education and is attending Lee College on a temporary basis is not required to take a test for TSIA purposes if he/she meets the prerequisites and/or placement requirements for the course to be taken. Transient status is only applicable for one long term or the two summer sessions. A student may not remain transient in a subsequent term to the initial term in this status. Advisement Students who have not completed the Texas Success Initia- tive are encouraged to see their assigned advisor each se- mester prior to registration. The developmental education counselor will monitor their progress toward completing re- quired developmental coursework and will assist with course scheduling.

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