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121 Nursing VN Certificate of Completion Vocational Nursing – VN1 The purpose of the Vocational Nursing Program is to prepare individuals to use a systematic problem-solving process to function within the nurse's legal and ethical scope of prac- tice while safely providing quality care and demonstrate the Differentiated Essential Competencies of Graduates of Texas Nursing Programs (DECs). The Vocational Nursing Program is accredited by Texas Board of Nursing (BON). Admission to the Vocational Nursing Program is based on accrual of points for meeting the following requirements within the stated time frame: Requirements • Applying for admission to Lee College and submitting an official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office from all colleges attended. An official high school transcript or GED certificate must be sent as well. • Completing a VN Program application in the Nursing Office. • Completion of the criminal background process as required by the Texas Board of Nursing (information available in the nursing admission's office) • Submitting a copy of high school diploma or GED certificate to the Nursing Office. • Submitting a VN program degree plan form signed by a Lee College Counselor to the Nursing Office. • Submitting a statement of documented reading level after evaluation completed in Counseling Center. • Completing Lee College assessment/placement tests and developmental courses, if required. • Demonstrating competencies in Allied Health Math 350 (formerly 210) or "C" or better on advance placement test for MATH 350. • Attending mandatory information session with VN faculty member. • Other pre-admission activity as outlined in the VN application packet Other areas impacting admission See the Nursing Office for more information. • BIOL 2404: Human Body: no older than 5 years, "B" or better is required. (If this course is taken prior to entering the VN program, the student will not have to take BIOL 2404, which is required during the fall semester of the VN program). or • BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402: no older than 5 years, "B" or better is required. (If these courses are taken prior to entering the VN program, the student will not have to take BIOL 2404 which is required during the fall semester of the VN program). • HITT 1305: Medical Terminology I. (If this course is taken prior to entering the VN program, the student will not have to take HITT 1305 which is required during the spring semester of the VN program. • LSSS 300: Learning Strategies Skills • ITSC 1309: Integrated Software Applications I or COSC 1301: Intro to Computing • GPA (based on BIOL 2404 or BIOL 2401 and 2402, MATH 350 and HITT 1305) - (4.0=1 point; 3.9-3.0=.75 point; 2.9- 2.0=.50 points). Nursing students are required to carry personal health insur- ance to meet hospital affiliation clinical requirements. A copy of the student's health insurance card will be required to be submitted to the Nursing Office upon invitation into the Nursing program. Applications are accepted between February 1 and April 1. The application submission deadline is April 1 for fall entry. A VN admission packet may be obtained in the Nursing Of- fice or the Counseling Center. Because of academic demands of a curriculum that prepares students for national licensing examination and perform- ance of safe nursing care in clinical situations, applicants must meet the academic criteria outlined for acceptance into nursing programs at Lee College. Meeting minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. After successful completion of this program, the graduate is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. Upon passing the examination, the graduate is licensed as a vocational nurse. The BON requires schools to inform enrolled students (ver- bally and in writing) about eligibility requirements and to maintain students' signed receipt of the required informa- tion. The Board of Nursing has identified certain circum- stances that may render a potential candidate ineligible for licensure as a registered nurse in the State of Texas. The Board provides individuals the opportunity to petition for a Declaratory Order as to their eligibility in accordance with article 4519(a) of the Nursing Practice Act. View for further information and forms.

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