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AMERICAN PAINTING CONTRACTOR • March 2014 17 Losing less time in the transitions means that production time is maxi- mized. If we set up jobs properly, everything is there that the painters will need, and they can find it. We have all heard the clock tick on as painters wander around looking for what they need. When they don't find it in the house, they go out to the van. When they don't find it in the van, maybe they go charge it to your account. The day just got shot. BIGGEST LOSER The end of the day can be a real loser. Painters are often scrambling to hit their production goals, which has them work- ing into what should be cleanup time, which often will compromise end-of-day organization and, in turn, snowball into a solid next-day start. Having a system for the end of the day, which includes not only returning every- thing to the staging area, but also leaving everything clean and organized, is critical. Sometimes, depending on the type of project, we will designate one person on the crew to initiate the end-of-day cleanup while others are still wrapping up production for the day. We believe in sharing responsibility, and sometimes the way to do that is through defined roles. Most important, we have to be flexible, because we are always rolling with the punches every day – defeating variables as they arise. END-OF-DAY BONUS One way that we have been able to "make time" in all segments of our day, and especially at the end of the day, is by spending less time pouring paint from trays to cans and wrapping up rollers frames and naps for next-day usage. The Kovrd storage bag saves hours each week by eliminating those tedious and repetitive tasks. It is like a little zippered time capsule that is designed to keep paint See Advertiser Index on Page 42 I keep a Kovrd bag in the back of the vehi- cle for any task it might be used for. From the Field

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