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February 2, 2011

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www.oakwoodregister.com Letter from the Superintendent Oakwood Schools transitioning to all-day Kindergarten Program to be implemented in August By Mary Jo Scalzo, Ph.D With HB 30 in the news, the current mandate to provide all-day Kindergarten has also been receiv- ing press. HB 30 would eliminate spending and reporting require- ments related to the Evidence- Based Model school funding sys- tem, abolish the School Funding Advisory Council, and eliminate the requirement that school dis- tricts offer all-day Kindergarten. The Bill is currently in committee, but with Republican backing, it is expected to pass when it comes to the floor for a vote. Even with the anticipated change in direction from the state legislature, the Oakwood School District is moving for- ward with plans to provide all- day Kindergarten beginning this August. There are four key rea- sons for this decision: (1) Prior to the state mandate, all-day Kindergarten was already a component of the district’s Educational Master Plan and on schedule to be implemented beginning with the 2015 school year. (2) It was part of the Educational Master Plan because of recent studies that show full-day pro- grams benefit all children, includ- ing students considered to be advantaged. (3) The state mandate prompted the Board of Education to include the cost of all-day Kindergarten in the November levy request. One mill of the 5.75 mills approved by voters last fall was designated for the Kindergarten program and marketed as such. (4) District facilities can accom- modate all-day Kindergarten, half-day preschool, and the South Connection program with mini- mal cost for building modifica- tions. The Kindergarten and South Connection programs will contin- ue to be located at Lange School. The preschool classes will be re- located to Smith School. In Ohio, approximately 54 percent of enrolled kindergartners attend an all-day program. Here in Oakwood, half of our kindergar- ten students typically are engaged in some sort of full-day program even though the district provides only half-day classes (i.e. half-day South Connection program, par- ent-sponsored Spanish Immersion program, half-day Montessori program, etc.). We are looking forward to enhancing our program and posi- tioning our young learners to experience the benefits identified in studies: • Children generally make greater gains in both reading and math compared to children in half-day programs. • Children spend more time in teacher-directed individual work and learning centers. • Children spend more time in self-directed and self-selected activities rather than large-group activities. • Children are engaged in more child-to-child interactions and make greater progress in learning social skills. • Parents and educators report that all-day Kindergarten is less rushed with opportunities for extending learning experiences, flexibility to address individual students’ needs and better com- munication between home and school. • Children show greater academic achievement at the end of the year regardless of race or socio- economic status. • If the all-day curriculum is developmentally appropriate for five- and six-years olds, there is no evidence that it overly stresses or pressures children; benefits include a more relaxed and cre- ative atmosphere than shorter pro- grams. Kindergarten Registration As we transition to all-day Wrestling team 2nd at Dave Bean Classic The Oakwood wrestling team traveled south to Cincinnati this past weekend to wrestle in the 40th annual Dave Bean Classic. Once again, the Lumberjacks relied on the point scor- ing strength of its seniors to outpace 11 of the 12 participating teams, fall- ing 41 points behind the team cham- pions from Colerain High School. Oakwood bested Colerain a fews weeks ago in a dual meet format, but due to injuries, Oakwood was unable to fill all 14 weight classes making it much tougher to score the needed points for a tournament victory. Several of the young grapplers were able to grind through their indi- vidual pools and make it to the podi- um. At 103, freshman Dalton Pearce placed sixth, and at 119 pounds, Mason Kooser was able to win his final match of the day for fifth place honors. Rounding out a great day for the freshman was Rocco Baker. Rocco was able to knock off sev- eral seeded wrestlers on his way to a fourth place finish in his first varsity tournament at 160 pounds. Juniors Dylan Kooser (135 lbs.) and Cameron Wedding (215 lbs.) ended the day with key victries for the team and a fifth and third place respectively. On the year, the five seniors: Josh Nelson (125 lbs.), Kevin Lee (130 lbs..), Alex Kooser (145 lbs.), Will LeBoeuf (152 lbs.), and Dan Pohlman (171 lbs.) have com- peted in six tournaments to date and have won 18 individual titles (Nelson – 5, Lee – 4, Kooser 5, LeBoeuf – 4), two Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament Awards (Kooser and LeBoeuf), five runner up placements (Lee – 2, Kooser – 1), two third place finishes (Pohlman), two fourth place finishes (Nelson and LeBoeuf) and one fifth place finish. (Pohlman). As they have done all year, the Oakwood senior wrestlers contin- ued their winning ways this past Saturday at the Classic. At 125, Josh Nelson (27-4) battled all day before an injury seemed to take him out of his game leading to a fourth place finish. Kevin Lee (130 lbs, 28-3) cruised through his pool with a decisive win over his opponent from Walton Veron High School in Kentucky. Lee was able to cradle up his opponent in the finals earning him another championship. Next up was Alex Kooser at 145 pounds (28-1). Kooser also finished his pool 4-0 set- ting up his championship match with the number-two-seeded senior from Mt. Healthy who came in with an Kindergarten, we understand that some parents may have concerns about an all-day program for your child. You will have the opportunity to indicate this on the registration form. Once we have collected our enrollment data we will determine the schedule of classes for all of our incoming kindergartners. During the week of Feb. 14, parents who anticipate sending a child to Kindergarten in the fall, should visit Lange School and complete the preliminary regis- tration information. You will be asked to complete an enrollment form and to sign up for your April Kindergarten screening appointment. Parents may enroll their children during the school day from 8:30 – 3:30 Monday through Friday (2/14-18), and on the evenings of Wednesday, February 16 and Thursday February 17, from 3:30 – 6:30. This first visit should not require more than 30 minutes. OHS wrestlers placed second out of field of 12 teams at Dave Bean Classic. impressive 31-2 record and 26 pins. Kooser scored early and often to finish with a 13-1 final score, earn- ing him the title and the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament award voted on by participating school coaches. Next up, Will LeBoeuf (152 lbs, 27-4) used his trademark blast double leg to a half to stifle his oppo- nent from Amelia and bring home his fourth championship of the year. Last up for the Jacks was senior Dan Pohlman (171 lbs, 20-9). After taking a year off of wrestling, Pohlman came back stronger than ever and motivated to win. After finishing second in his pool, Pohlman ended his day with a close one point victory over his opponent from Stebbins securing his third place fin- ish. Next up for the Jacks is an away Tri-meet against Franklin and Miami- Trace on February 5 at Franklin. This will end the regular season with only SWBL, Sectional, District and State tournaments left on the schedule. Go Jacks! SPECIAL SECTION Starting on page 7 Home Improvement

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