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November 2007 News from your Legislators Great strides being taken in Chicksaw health care comings are somehow so special and wonderful and it was all that a homecoming should be. I have spoken before of my Linda Briggs Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Hello, Everyone! What an extravaganza the Festival was! I hope you were one of the fortunate in atten- dance. It was great. Every year I think it just couldn’t get better – and somehow, it does! The rain came, for a while, but really did not seem to slow anything down and most certainly did not dampen anyone’s spirits. Home- own family’s park, which is located on original allotment land of my maternal grandmoth- er, Minnie Keel Liddell. This year at our family reunion we dedicated to my grandmother’s memory a monument with her picture affixed thereon and a brief version of her abiding wish for the family – her de- scendants. (Her wish was that her descendants would gather together at least once a year to get to know each other and to honor our Chickasaw heritage.) Here is a picture of that monu- ment; I thought you might like to see it. My mother was the oldest of the eleven children of Minnie and Vernon Liddell and now there are only four surviv- ing. The two who were able to be in attendance at the reunion and who are pictured herein are Iverson (Ike) Liddell and Betty Liddell Galloway. They are the two youngest of the eleven. Reunions are a grand tradition on all levels – individual fami- lies or the entire tribal family! With October we begin a “new year” tribally. My good friend Dr. Judy Goforth Parker and I have been honored by our fel- low legislators by being elected to the position of Chairperson (me) and Secretary (Judy) for the new year. We have much appreciation for the confi dence they place in our leadership and we are humbled by their action. Certainly we will endeavor in every way possible to warrant their trust. We have both served in both positions previously. Every day is a day closer to the beginning of the new hospital. It is of such enormous important to us as it will so greatly upgrade the quality of the healthcare for not just those of us who are Chickasaws but all Native Americans who come to us for their care. Judy Parker and I had a long visit with Governor Anoatubby the other day and he outlined some of the proposed programs envisioned to improve the qual- ity of our citizens, especially our elders. Some really good and life enhancing projects are in the works. Such a great time in the history of the Chickasaw Nation! God bless all of you. Linda Briggs 5 Iverson (Ike) Liddell and Betty Liddell Galloway. Ground broken on much-needed new child care center vices, we need to build a bigger facility. We are trying to satisfy a long waiting list. The new facil- ity will contain age appropriate classrooms, cafeteria, media room, aerobic room, sick room, indoor play areas, screening rooms and more. It will truly be state of the art. The Health Care Committee Mary Jo Green Chickasaw Tribal Legislature Hello and greetings from Legislator Mary Jo Green, Seat 5, Pontotoc District and Com- mittee Chair of the Health Care Committee! Fall is beautiful here in the Chickasaw Nation. Mornings are cool, and the foliage is turning vivid colors. In olden times, October was called the Moon of the Falling Leaves. I attended the ground breaking for the new child care facility in Ada. Because of the increasing demand for more child care ser- met with Health System Admin- istrator Bill Lance on October 9 who told us that a new obstetri- cian, Dr. Faye Jensen, is now working at Carl Albert Hospital. She is a welcome addition to the staff of the Women’s Clinic and we welcome her warmly. I also have breaking news! The Chickasaw Nation has been awarded a grant from the Indian Heath Service regarding our new hospital. We had seri- ous competition for the grant and it is a defi nite coup for us to receive it. The grant will as- sist in providing equipment and operating expenses for the new hospital. Bill Lance submitted the fol- lowing statistics: for the month of September, 2007, there were 205 hospitalizations at Carl Albert Indian Health Facility. The number of outpatient visits at Carl Albert was 17,124. Sep- tember Emergency Room visits were 1,132. September saw Tishomingo 4,545 Pickens 6,393 Count of Voters by District Panola Pontotoc Total 281 surgeries and the Same-day Clinic saw 2,490 patients. The Family Practice Clinic in Ada saw 1,922 patients in September. The Ardmore Clinic saw 2,685 patients and the Tishomingo Clinic saw 1,791. The Durant Clinic saw 2,234 patients and the Purcell Clinic saw 1,499 in September. May you all enjoy the best of health possible and may God bless each of you readers and the Chickasaw Nation. I would love to hear from you! Please contact me through my email net or through the address and telephone number listed else- where in this and every issue of the Chickasaw Times and on the Chickasaw Nation web site. My articles are also located on the web site. Until next month, thank you. Colbert hosting open house at Tish Clinic fi rst Wednesdays Chickasaw Tribal Legisla- 1,455 9,531 21,924 D. Scott Colbert Chickasaw Tribal Legislature ture chairman and Tishomingo District legislator Scott Col- bert hosts an open offi ce for legislative business at the Tishomingo Clinic between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the fi rst Wednesday of every month. Please make appointments at (580) 622-3218. You may also call on the fi rst Wednes- day of every month at (580) 421-3425. Feel free to contact Colbert if you have any questions.

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