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KGMABusiness Solutions LEAD CONVERSION Kenneth Kurk photo by Chris Fritchie are unfamiliar with the government’s Federal Acquisition Regulation, set in place to govern the process by which goods and services are acquired by the federal government. To help untangle the red tape, Mr. Kurk says that KGMA has a very deliberate process in place to help a prospective client understand whether or not they should move forward in pursuing a federal contract. ”Before we start working for a company, IT IS NOT MERELY enough, says Rich Allen, for a business to generate new leads. In order to grow and become successful, a business must master the process of lead conversion. According to Mr. Allen, the lead conversion process requires a deliberate set of steps that turn a prospect into a client. Regarding lead conversion, Mr. Allen poses this question to business owners: “Once someone knows your business is there, what processes do you have in place to make the prospect familiar and comfortable enough with you to do business with you?” In light of this question, we are awarding Best of Business in the category of Lead Conversion to KGMA Business Solutions. Located in Frisco Square, KGMA Business Solutions is a consulting firm that provides federal marketing services to construction, architectural-engineering and environmental companies who wish to do business with the federal government. KGMA President and CEO Kenneth Kurk says, “Most companies come to us because October 2010 they have had success in the private sector, but that’s been a little slow because of the economy. So they’re looking to diversify and get into the federal market.” As for the services provided by KGMA, Mr. Kurk says, “We provide market analysis, technical proposal writing, development of marketing tools and direct outside sales meetings with federal contracting personnel. We do all the capture planning and project management of pursuing federal contract opportunities.” KGMA primarily deals with the Department of Defense, which is the second biggest market within the federal sector, next to Health & Human Services. “They represent a significant part of the federal budget,” says Mr. Kurk. “But they are also the most competitive and difficult to get into.” KGMA’s basic goal, then, is to help clients navigate through the bureaucratic maze of red tape that is a part of working with the federal government. Mr. Kurk says that the process can be daunting for clients who we put together a business plan,” explains Mr. Kurk. “It’s a strategy of what we believe we can do to help them achieve their goals based on their capabilities, past performance and resources. Once we agree on a realistic plan to be successful, then we move forward with the company. They don’t pay for that up front.” Mr. Kurk says that this business plan includes several key ingredients to help prospective clients understand the long road ahead. “There’s a time line to determine what the milestones are, and a list of the steps that need to be taken to achieve those milestones. We try to develop a plan that fits what the customer can afford, what is realistic and what has to be done to meet their goals.” Although Mr. Kurk cautions that the federal government is not a get-rich-quick market, he says that by communicating their business plan to prospective clients, KGMA is able to help them understand how they can achieve their goals. “Success doesn’t happen overnight. We lay that all out and say, ‘Here’s the opportunity, and here’s what its going to take to capture that opportunity and turn it into new revenue.” No portion of this article may be reproduced without express written permission of Style Publishing Group, LLC. ©2010 • All rights reserved. 37

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