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Need a reason? DAN VANHEERDEN Here's why the UAW is building a global solidarity movement regulations and weak protection of union rights. Just as corporations have a global presence, unions must also establish and expand our own cooperative networks around the world to work together to defend worker rights. Even before globalization became the dominant economic reality, the UAW had a long and proud history of supporting worker rights around the world. Espousing a vision of global union solidarity, the UAW President Walter Reuther was active in helping to rebuild unions in post-World War II Germany. Now the German IG Metall union is among the most powerful in the world. In Korea, UAW presidents Nissan worker Betty Jones and actor Danny Glover march with union Doug Fraser and Owen Bieber members from South Africa at the Japanese embassy in Pretoria, South gave critical support to the Africa. The National Union of South African Metalworkers (NUMSA) hosted development of the Korean Nissan workers and community supporters in a delegation highlighting metal workers union. Our union Nissan's intimidation campaign against workers who are trying to organize also played a leading role in at its plant in Canton, Miss. assisting South African unions in their struggle to win recognition he transformation from a national to a global and bargaining rights and end apartheid. economy that has occurred over the past few decades In 1947, the UAW joined the International Metalworkers has enormous implications for workers and for our Federation (IMF), which recently merged to form a new unions. global union federation called IndustriALL. The UAW of the 21st century understands that our Our union is held in high regard throughout the world employers are now competing in a global marketplace, because of our commitment to global worker justice and and we are committed to partnering with companies for solidarity. Global solidarity among unions has never been efficiency, quality, innovation and flexibility. Corporations more important than it is today. that we deal with – whether based in the United States UAW members know that a little power gets us a little or abroad – operate all over the world, and it is in the justice, medium power gets us medium justice and with a interest of all workers that worker rights and good lot of power, we can achieve awesome justice. If working living standards be enforced everywhere. Otherwise, the people all over the world join together for the common rights and standards of all are at risk as companies shift good, we can raise living standards and protect worker operations to take advantage of low wages, lack of safety rights everywhere. T 2 SOLIDARITY July - August 2013

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