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June 2013

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Business Breakthrough Series The Growth Trap Why your job description may be holding your business back By Bill Silverman hen I ask business owners, of any size businesses, what their job description is, the most common answer I get is "That's simple … I do everything!" So naturally, being the curious business coach that I am, I have to ask, "What does everything include?" It usually includes long days filled with things like painting, fighting fires, running out for supplies, supervising crews, paying bills, accounting, and even cleaning trucks and bathrooms. If "I do everything" is your job description too, this could be one of the major sources of slow growth, stress and frustration in your business. These "everything" tasks eat up your day and keep you from doing the things that you, as the owner, need to do to grow your business – things such as planning, marketing and sales, employee development, and structuring the work so that your business runs efficiently and consistently satisfies your customers. So, in effect, because so much of your time is spent doing basic field and office tasks that don't grow your business, your business growth slows and eventually stops. I call this problem the "growth trap," and it's as common in multimillion dollar businesses as it is in startups. In fact, the growth trap is one of the most common reasons I see for stalled business growth and soaring stress and frustration. As a start-up, or $100,000 business with one crew, it's OK to be the "I do everything" owner. In fact, your stamina and ability to do it all are two of the keys to getting your business off the ground. But as you grow and add crews, it's critical for you to evolve your management style and systematically let go of doing the basic field and office work W See Advertiser Index on Page 46 28 • June 2013 APC

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