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Effective Fall 2012, students who attempt developmental courses will receive grades of A, B, C, D, or F. The meanings of these grades are as follows: Grades A B C D F Interpretations Excellent work* Good work* Average work* *Student moves on the next level of developmental math, reading, or writing class or exits the developmental sequence in MATH 330, READ 302 or ENGL 302. Not Passing – student must repeat course Failure – student must repeat course Students in developmental math, reading, or writing may also exit the developmental sequence by re-taking and passing the THEA (or an alternative such as Accuplacer) in the subject area. Students in developmental courses may also receive grades of W1 through W4. W grades have the same meaning in developmental and credit courses. Incompletes (noted by the grade "I") are not issued in developmental courses. College credit is not awarded for the completion of developmental courses and grades in developmental courses are not included in the computation of grade point averages. The hours attempted in developmental courses are considered a part of students' course loads and are used to determine their full-time/part-time status and their eligibility to receive scholarships and/or financial aid. Grades received in developmental courses are recorded on students' transcripts. Grade Change policy A student who wishes to protest a grade follows the guidelines for academic grievance, which starts by contacting the instructor within 30 instructional days of the incident. Students are responsible for viewing the grades recorded at the end of each term; grades are not mailed. In the event that the original instructor is not available to review a grade, the student should contact the division chair. An instructor may make a change to any grade recorded within the previous 12 months, for any reason. The instructor will deliver a completed grade change card to Admissions and Records and a correction to the student's record will be made. Grade changes for classes which ended more than one year prior to the change date shall be approved by both the instructor or, in event the instructor is unavailable, the division chair, as well as the appropriate instructional dean or the Vice President of Learning. 26 Transcripts Once a student completes at least one credit course at Lee College, an official college transcripts may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office at no charge. A signed request is required. Students may download the transcript request form from the College's web page. Official credit transcripts consist of the following: identification of the student, TSI status and method of satisfying TSI components (math, reading, and writing), record of courses taken and course test credit during all semesters where graded classes were recorded, cumulative statistics including credit hours attempted, earned, and related grade points, along with GPA, as well as degrees or certificates and core curriculum completions earned by the student at Lee College. Certain honors and awards are only listed on the paper transcript; by default, Lee College will disseminate an electronic transcript when requests are made to send transcripts to those colleges capable of receiving EDI electronic transcripts. Definition of Students' Records The Office of Admissions and Records retains in each student's permanent file the following student records: application for admission, high school and/or college transcripts, and proof of residence. Other records retained include: copies of degree audits, registration documentation, and official test score reports. Articulation Agreements university Articulation agreements have been made with several fouryear universities. Students should contact the Counseling Center in Moler Hall for specific course requirements before making a degree plan. high Schools Articulation agreements have been developed with service area high schools for technical courses. Students who have graduated from high school within the past three years should check with their high school counselor or Lee College counselor regarding the possibility of receiving Lee College credit for articulated high school classes. Students must enroll at Lee College to receive college credit for coursework taken in high school. Students must complete an equal number of credits in residence at Lee College before the articulated hours can be posted to a student transcript. Please refer to the fee schedule for the current articulation fee.

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