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General Admission General Admission policy Lee College is an open admission two-year lower-division undergraduate institution. All persons who have at least one of the qualifications listed below are welcome to enroll. Lee College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, age, religion, national origin, or veteran status in its admission policies or practices. 1. Persons with diplomas from accredited high schools. 2. Persons with General Education Development (GED) certificates. 3. Transfer students with college-level hours earned at other accredited colleges or universities. 4. International students who meet college and state requirements. Those who do not meet the qualifications listed above (including persons currently enrolled in accredited high schools) may apply for admission on an Individual Approval (IA) basis (see Individual Approval Admission, p. 11). Admission to the College does not imply admission to programs such as the Nursing or Honors Programs, which employ special admission requirements (see Enrollment Into Special Programs, p. 20). Lee College reserves the right to restrict or limit the enrollment of any instructional program. The specific provisions and conditions under which students may enroll at Lee College are set forth below: First-Time-In-College (FTIC) Freshmen Students may enroll as FTIC freshmen if they have graduated from an accredited high school or earned a General Education Development (GED) certificate. In either case, prospective students must produce high school transcripts or GED certificates no later than mid-term of their first semester (see Documents Needed for Admission to the College, p. 12, and Texas Success Initiatives (TSI) Plan, p. 14). Transfer/Transient Students Students who transfer to Lee College from other institutions must have oļ¬ƒcial copies of their transcripts on file in the Office of Admissions and Records. Transcripts used to establish credits for prerequisites may be required prior to registration for classes. 10 Students who claim to be exempt from Texas Success Initiative (TSI) testing or claim to have met the TSI College Readiness standard in one or more areas, either because of scores earned on TSI approved tests or courses taken at other colleges or universities, must produce transcripts or other documentation no later than the Day of Record (see Texas Success Initiatives (TSI) Plan, p. 14). Transfer students occasionally enroll with the intent of applying the credits they earn at Lee College to degree plans at other schools. Transfer students with this intent may declare themselves Transient Students when they apply for admission. This will simplify the enrollment process, prevent their transcripts from being evaluated for Lee College programs, and may excuse them from some TSI requirements. Students Enrolled in Accredited high Schools Persons who are enrolled in accredited high schools may apply for admission to the College under the Individual Approval (IA) admissions policies and, if admitted, may earn credits which can be applied toward Lee College degrees or transferred to other institutions (see Individual Approval Admission, p. 11). In addition, some school districts give high school credit to students who complete certain pre-approved college courses. The authority to grant high school credit for college courses resides in the school districts, not in the College. Therefore, students who wish to receive high school credit in addition to college credit for courses taken at the College must receive permission from their high school. In general, students who are enrolled in high school and who wish to take college courses are subject to TSI policies regarding testing and must satisfy the prerequisites for the courses. These students are limited to two college-level courses per semester or term. The policies regarding persons who are enrolled in accredited high schools apply to students who take Lee College courses on their high school campuses for dual credit as well as those who take courses at Lee College sites for college credit only (course prerequisites are a part of the course descriptions included in Chapter 6). Early College High School Students are not limited in the number of college classes taken each semester and may earn up to 60 semester credit hours prior to their high school graduation. More information on the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District's Impact Early College High School can be found at

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