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January 9, 2013

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T EC ION E s, rt A E SP CIA L L PU L-O S UT ... tc www.oakwoodregister.com January 9, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 2 Greetings from Easter Island Muse Machine performers are, from left to right: Oakwood seniors Ellen Geiselman and Paige McDonald, and freshman Rollie Fisk. Crazy For You will perform this Thursday through Sunday at the Victoria Theatre. Oakwood takes center stage at Muse Machine winter musical Downtown Dayton is mostly dark, deserted and snow-covered, the office buildings long since emptied for the day, but things are just picking up at Muse Machine rehearsals for the upcoming production of Crazy For You, the company's annual winter musical. By the time this compilation of Gershwin's greatest hits actually hits the stage at Victoria Theatre this weekend, Jan. 10-13, it will cap nine weeks of rehearsals for a dedicated cast of student performers. Taking part in this year's musical are nine Oakwood performers, all under the direction of Oakwood's own Joe Deer, a professor and head of the musical theater program at Wright State University. "Young people who are serious about being involved in the performing arts, and are really ready to make a big commitment audition for this," says Deer, who auditioned some 200 students before selecting a final cast of 79 performers. "Muse Machine has built up a reputation as being an excellent performing arts training experience, so good drama programs in town, good dance studios, good choral and music programs refer their students here because they know that they're going to have a high-quality experience." But make no mistake, this isn't your average high school musical. Deer says the audience should expect a high-quality experience as well, and toward that end those who make the cast are expected to endure a rigorous rehearsal schedule. "We've rehearsed for nine weeks, essentially every day, every night, every Saturday, every Sunday," adds Deer. "There is no type of commitment that they are involved in that is as profound as that, not even school. It takes a lot, and they know that if they are going to be in principal role, they are stepping into maybe the biggest commitment they have ever had in their lives." A senior at Oakwood High School now in her third year with Muse Machine, Ellen Geiselman can speak first-hand about the demands — and rewards — of that rigorous schedule. "It takes a lot of energy," she says. "After a long day at school you just want to go home and sleep, but then you come here and you are surrounded by so much energy that you just feed off of it. It really teaches you to be responsible with your time and your priorities, and if you stick to it you develop as a performer." "You meet a lot of really great people and it definitely gives you a sense of responsibility," agrees Paige McDonald, an Oakwood senior in her second year with the company. "It's a lot of commitment, and a lot of discipline. We can't really don't do anything else, but we all love it. Everyone here has the same drive." "We all have the same commitment and the same passion," echoes Geiselman. Deer, who has taught at Wright State for 16 years, says working with See Muse on page 18 u Easter Island Moai snow sculpture makes for a warm welcome on Harman. Photo by Leon Chuck City Council Council mulling 3.75 mill property tax levy The first City Council meeting of 2013 met Monday night in the City Council Chambers. Two main pieces of business came before the Council. In an effort to find solutions to Oakwood's budget needs, City Council will send a request to the county auditor for information regarding what a 3.75 mill property tax increase would generate. Requesting such information from the county auditor is a process designated by law. Should the 3.75 mills produce the adequate income required by the city, the City Council would then determine whether or not to put the levy on the May 7 ballot. An announcement was made that the portion of property located at the north end of Pointe Oakwood and designated for an assisted living facility has been sold to Michigan based Randall Residence, LLC. Construction of the 88-unit building will begin this spring.

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